[ download pdf ] Levels 3-4 English: Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation SkillsAuthor Jane Cooper – Z55z.co

Exam Board SQALevel S SSubject EnglishFirst Teaching September First Exam June This book brings together the essential close reading skills needed by students taking part in the Broad General Education, Levels in S to SSplit into two parts, the first section uses examples, models and active learning tasks to teach key concepts of reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation The second section providespractice assessments, based on a variety of fiction and non fiction texts, which become progressivelychallenging As well as allowing learners to demonstrate BGE reading skills, this section serves as a useful precursor to the style of assessment encountered later on at National levelsThis book will help students todevelop their close reading abilities understand the distinction between key ideas and supporting details analyse writers language and style via a broad range of sample texts