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Learning to read a language with a foreign alphabet can be an intimidating challenge Even before you can start to study the vocabulary and grammar, you must first decipher this strange new script But learning a new alphabet does not have to be so difficult Other language courses start by showing a table of the alphabet and then immediately proceed to dialogues and grammatical descriptions This is not the ideal way to teach a foreign alphabet, and this approach causes many students to get frustrated and give up before they start Instead of that approach, Learn to Read Serbian inDays teaches each letter of the Serbian alphabet in a systematic way while providing enough practice along the way to ensure the student learns the entire alphabet With this system you will be able to read the Serbian alphabet in onlydays or lessIn addition to the alphabet, this course teachesthanreal Serbian words that were carefully selected to be of maximum benefit to beginning language students These are the words that you need right away Order a copy of Learn to Read Serbian inDays today and start to enjoy the language and culture of Serbia in a way that only reading the language makes possible