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I found it too difficult, did not go further than page 10 There must be books out there which take it a bit slower I ve borrowed this from the library, and intend to buy it.The pace of many language books is very slow indeed This book assumes you ve a little dedication and don t mind a challenge, and gets straight to business Resources like Ruslan Russian 1 which achieves its own aims with aplomb might aim to have you exchanging polite greetings and asking directions by the end of the book But I find it inspiring that Ian Press s small, dense work aims to have you reading Pushkin by the end.I knocked a star off the rating for two reasons one, because many people will prefer a less ambitious pace, and two, because I ve not given it the attention it deserves yet, so I can t promise you it works Yeah, this is an amazing book, it teaches you all about grammar and stuff If someone asked me if i would recommend it I would say yes Its quite funny in places 2peace Aiming to provide an all round and accessible description of the language, this book gives a presentation of grammar as an intellectual exercise and lots of drills and exercises which are intended to be stimulating and interesting The best of the language, namely extracts from works of many of its inimitable writers, is used among much else Pushkin, Gogol , Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bulgakov, Mandel shtam, not to forgoet Kharms The overriding aim is to set everything in an entertaining, real, and enlightening historical, cultural and social context to give learners what they actually want to know about Russian but are usually afriad to admit to It also sets out to describe everything in such a way that the dread moment in so many books when everything becomes incomprehensible simply doesn t happen here Learn Russian will not teach you how to buy an ice cream or ask direction to the Kremlin but it will give anyone the opportunity to read some of Russia s greatest literature in the original along with learning something of the historical, cultural and social context