download books Learn Gujarati in 30 Days Through English (Learn the National Language)Author Krishna Gopal Vikal –

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5 thoughts on “Learn Gujarati in 30 Days Through English (Learn the National Language)

  1. Joni Joni says:

    I m not sure if I can trust a book which claims, as this one does on page 33, that its target language has only 2 noun genders and no neuter form, which Gujarati quite clearly does This is a baffling oversight that casts doubt upon the entire work Native speakers and all creditable online sources agree that the language does have 3 genders of noun masculine, feminine and neuter To deny this so flatly and I mean deny not just ignore, a direct statement is made saying Gujarati has no neuter is incomprehensible, except if the author s intention was to deliberately mininform

  2. Rusty84 Rusty84 says:

    bought for my non gujarati speaking english partner, not ideal, difficult to follow, spelling is incorrect, dont waste your time with this.

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    good book

  4. Robert Thomas Robert Thomas says:

    Incomprehensible, or is it me

  5. Takka Takka says:

    arrived on time and does what it says