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Author Nick Craig has than ten years experience working with company executives and, as such, has lots of stories to share However, this book is not just a repetition of other people s stories, although this also includes a self assessment part, in which you can assess your own Purpose This comes after the first part of the book, which is an introduction to what Purpose is and to why it matters.After the self assessment, there is a further section on the impact of Purpose, both in term of the individual, organisation and, even the world Once you have finished the book, there is a link to take the Leading from Purpose Self Assessment again, so you can compare the scores.If you are looking for a book which involves the reader, then this is an interesting, involving choice It does ask the reader to be involved, to assess themselves and gives lots of examples about business growth and impact As such, this is much less of an academic book, compared to many business, or self help titles, but is something that tries to help the individual to improve If you feel such a need, then this may well be a useful title for you. This is the best book on purpose led Leadership Most Leaders talk about their Mission, very rarely do I hear Leaders talk about their purpose This book has made realise just how crucial it is to identify your purpose and purposefully lead from it After going through some CEO s purposes in the book, I can now clearly see how purpose can be such effective a purpose led Leader can be.There are three Chapters ACCESS What is Purpose and why it matters, passion FINDING PURPOSE How to find your Purpose IMPACT Very large chapter, looks at clarity, focus, authenticity, purpose and happiness and much.A very informative Leadership Book. The book presents thinking about purpose in leadership and being about to be clear about your own purpose It is a fresh and invigorating way of thinking about leadership Nick Craig has a lot of experience working with execs in different global companies and his experience shows in this accessible and practical book He helps the reader understand their purpose and increases personal focus to lead positively and confidently.There are three parts that are used to assess your direction and purpose Access, Finding Purpose, and Impact The approach is methodical with a kind of toolkit mechanism of working your way to find your leadership purpose in a practical way The self assessment pre and post helps identify where you are and how you have already changed your path.There are stories and examples about successful and purposeful leaders The foreword is by Daring Greatly author Bren Brown who I greatly admire so that s a very positive endorsement I m finding it a bit of an odd book It winds in and out rathersuggests discussion points such as if you were writing the Declaration of Independence, what would you bring to it that would be your unique gift Also it just heaps praise on business leaders, with no critique of their methods you can t get all of it right all the time Peculiarly the companies that receive the praise are the ones I m trying to avoid buying from because of their social prejudices But hey ho I don t feel very inspired by this book to date Will transform your leadership as you discover your authentic purposeBill George, former Chair and CEO of MedtronicWorking with Craig dramatically changed my professional path and I cant imagine leading Ben Jerrys without itJostein Solheim, CEO of Ben Jerrys Drawing on ten years of experience working with than , executives from companies around the world, Nick Craig takes you on a revelatory journey to understand your purpose, find clarity and focus and lead with inspirationWhen uncovered, purpose becomes our most fundamental guiding principle Explaining where true purpose lies and demystifying where it doesnt, Craig offers the methods through which anyone can find their purpose He identifies three pathways that will assess where you are going with your purpose and where you should be goingIn Leading from Purpose, Craig shares unique stories to show how top leaders are energized by their purpose, finding in it the confidence they need to properly evaluate high stakes decisions and take the optimal action Accessible, methodical and eminently practical, this book offers the comprehensive toolbox with which everyone whether a c suite executive or a behind the scenes office worker can live out their purpose and achieve success on their own terms