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I really enjoyed this book It went into detail of his life and also vivid descriptions of the places where he lived I am very familiar with the Rivington area and have vivid memories of the bungalow and also Rockhaven castle as we played there when we were children. William Hesketh Lever soap boiler, social reformer, MP, tribal chieftain, multi millionaire and Lord of the Western Isles was one of the most extraordinary men ever to leave his mark on Britain Beliefs far ahead of their times the welfare state, votes for women, workers rights jostled in his mind with ideas that were fantastically bonkers the world s problems could be solved by moving populations from country to country, ballroom dancing could save the soul and the only healthy way to sleep was outdoors in the wind and the rain Adam Macqueen traces Lever s footsteps from his humble Bolton boyhood to a business empire that straddled the world, visiting the homes and model towns from the Mersey to the Congo that still bear the mark and often the name of William Lever It is a hilarious and touching journey that shines a spotlight on a world and a set of beliefs long gone, and asks several vital questions where does philanthropy stop and social engineering begin Is it right for an employer to dictate how his workers spend their weekends and hire private detectives to make sure they are doing it properly Are the length of a lawn and the curve of a bannister of vital importance to the great scheme of things And why would a multi millionaire with half a dozen homes and property on four continents chose to sleep on the roof A very interesting read This book is written in very crisp, lighthearted way, not a dry academic tone or tome.It zips along, but manages to give a good portrait of the man and the times.Easy reading, entertaining, and informative A good read if you live near or are visiting the area. More you read the you want to have details Maybe it could have done with two books with his life details An amazing man, I am now going to visit the village and museum in the near future. Having visited the Portsunlight estate on the Wirral, this was an ideal gift for a friend who has also been to the Victorian housing complex The book is an excellent read as I have read it myself before hand. I ve bought a couple for friends too Interesting and educational Adam is a great writer. A wonderful read Best book I ve read in ages, better than any Booker shortlisted for 2017.