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The young adult adaptation of the acclaimed,New York Times bestseller now a major motion picture starring Michael B Jordan, Jaime Foxx, and Brie Larson and the subject of an HBO documentary feature In this very personal work adapted from the originalbestseller, which the New York Times calls as compelling as To Kill a Mockingbird, and in some ways so acclaimed lawyer and social justice advocate Bryan Stevenson offers a glimpse into the lives of the wrongfully imprisoned and his efforts to fight for their freedomStevenson s story is one of working to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society the poor, the wrongly convicted, and those whose lives have been marked by discrimination and marginalization Through this adaptation, young people of today will find themselves called to action and compassion in the pursuit of justice A portion of the proceeds of this book will go to charity to help in Stevenson s important work to benefit the voiceless and the vulnerable as they attempt to navigate the broken US justice systemA KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST BOOK OF THE YEARA BOOKLIST EDITORS CHOICEFEATURED ON CBS THIS MORNINGA NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY BEST BOOK OF THE YEARPRAISE FOR JUST MERCY A TRUE STORY OF THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE It s really exciting that young people are getting a version tailored for them Salon A deeply moving collage of true stories This is required reading Kirkus Reviews, starred review Compassionate and compelling, Stevenson s narrative is also unforgettable Booklist, starred reviewPRAISE FOR JUST MERCY A STORY OF JUSTICE AND REDEMPTION Gripping What hangs in the balance is nothing less than the soul of a great nation DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Important and compelling Pulitzer Prize winning author TRACY KIDDER Inspiring and powerfulNew York Times bestselling author JOHN GRISHAM

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  1. beverley haddon beverley haddon says:

    Read in a day

  2. Syd Lindblom Syd Lindblom says:

    I read the original Just Mercy only a year ago, and it has stuck with me ever since These stories seemed especially relevant as I teach To Kill a Mockingbird to 8th graders where we also grapple with themes of injustice I actually had my students read excerpts from the original version as we read TKAM to see how these issues pervade our society today My students responded incredibly well to these stories our conversation was lively and informed, and parents commented that their students came home and wanted to engage in conversation I have realized that when you give adolescents big issues with no right answers, they will astound you with their willingness to dig deep and try to understand They love being treated as adults and knowing that their voice matters.I was excited to see that this was being adapted for young adults, but at the same time, I was wary I found every detail of Just Mercy important to understanding the context and the story, and since my students did not really struggle with the original, I wondered exactly what would be changed I did not want it to take away all of the graphic elements after all, those were what told my students that they were dealing with something real.As it turns out, I had little reason to worry The young adult version still has that wonderful clarity and wisdom that drew me into the original It sometimes explains some of the complex ideas explicitly It also cuts back on some of the detail and will summarize some points, especially with Stevenson s anecdotes which is a bummer but understandable The chapters flow in the same order and cover basically all of the same points The result is still powerful and definitely mature, just a little shorter.This year, I am planning on fully integrating this book into my curriculum Most of my students will read this version, but I will give them the option to also read the original if they are ready for a bit of a challenge No matter what, we will all still be able to have conversations regarding justice, mercy, hope, and perseverance I can t wait for it.

  3. Baz 12345 Baz 12345 says:

    As kids get into their teens and tweens, they become skeptical of their parents well intentioned book recommendations My daughter is a strong reader and an open minded person, but I still understand the parent child dynamic, and so I didn t think she d read this book when I recommended it to her How wrong I was I had discounted the fact that she has a keen conscience, a well developed sense of fairness This book, about the vivid and extraordinary injustices being perpetrated today, caught her attention, and she devoured the book from beginning to tend.The book is not just for young people, but for anyone who wants the essence of the people and true stories in the full book, while spending less time reading it I ardently recommend that you read either this version or the full one which I read on Audible a few months ago.

  4. Jacquetta Taborn Jacquetta Taborn says:

    I have never read a book that made me cry I cried so many times during my session with this book I have never seen evidence presented to me that made me even think about my stance on the death penalty This book can be used on so many platforms It can be used in a psychology class, criminal defense law, and even mental health This book touches on so many facets of justice versus injustice I have rarely ever wanted to consider the victims on both sides, except when children are involved This book broadened my scope I need not even delve into the defense and release of THE INNOCENT Bryan Stevenson is now a professor at NYU I m not sure he has ever gotten his just honors, but let me tell you, he is than worthy of all of the accolades given and coming to him Running a non profit on donations alone EJI for all of these years is beyond amazing I hope that you can take the time to read this book I have so much to say

  5. Heidi Cole Heidi Cole says:

    I am so glad this author chose to do an adaptation for younger readers My son was having trouble digesting the large words 15 per page he had to look up and he is a freshman in high school When I saw this version I took his copy and handed him this one and together we enjoyed our journey into the truth behind the prison gates and on America s death row Bryan Stephenson is one of America s greatest heroes You owe it to yourself to read this book It will challenge your idea of truth, justice and mercy

  6. Alice Alice says:

    I read his first book and consider it an important part of my library This update will join it, especially since he has opened a memorial to the lynched and slain blacks who have been a part of America s cultural heritage.

  7. Boymom Boymom says:

    This book rocked my world in a very good yet hard way I would love to see Just Mercy on the required reading lists of all schools and by ALL politicians, law enforcement and community leaders So glad I read it before the movie comes out which I can not wait to see I will also be adding the original edition of Just Mercy I bought and read the YA version so my teens could read too Although really in hind sight, we shouldn t shelter ourselves from the full on experiences in this very relavent book, which is a must read about our historical and current broken societal systems.

  8. Nicci Nicci says:

    This book is one all people should read Thank you, Bryan Stevenson, for sharing your stories with us My 11 year old is very mature and was able to handle this book I want her eyes to be open to the struggles of this world so she can help find solutions and be sensitive to the struggles of everyone not just herself

  9. Gideon Yaffe Gideon Yaffe says:

    Stevenson uses a calm and intelligent voice to convey his points, not only highlighting the injustices in the world, but also the ways they can be healed.

  10. S. Byrd S. Byrd says:

    My son and I took turns reading this book as we do before seeing a movie if there is one available I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read this one The information is accurate in regards to our judicial system and how it has failed so many The use of other cases and information all tie in and makes you want to look deeper and learn past the pages of the book It was well written, honest and compassionate as well I would definitely recommend to others.

  11. JoAnn JoAnn says:

    Very powerful read Bryan Stevenson is an exceptional person He has dedicated his life to help those who were castaway and mistreated by the system that was to seek justice for them I highly recommend this book.

  12. C King C King says:

    This book had out son s full attention and he can t seam to put it down It has brought some amazing conversations out I highly recommend this to widen a teen or preteens perspective.

  13. Ella Ella says:

    I purchased this for my 12 year old son We both read it and equally enjoyed the book I really enjoyed the stories that were weaved into the overall story of Walter.

  14. Keith Comer Keith Comer says:

    After seeing the author in an HBO special at was compelled to delve into of his work regarding the unjustly accused the wrongly incarcerated great read it s a long arduous process but when there is a payoff a man who is set free after years of wrongly being incarcerated you feel elated as a reader to know that somebody is literally committing their lives to helping other people

  15. Customer Customer says:

    Nephews loved it