Free Best Jolly grammar. Big book. Per la Scuola elementare: 1 –

Ideal accompaniment to The GrammarHandbook These big books are used to introduce rudiments of grammar to the whole class They have a wipe clean plastic sheet for the activities and handwriting practice There are extensive introductions explaining how to use the big books and relating them to their respective Handbooks The Jolly Grammar Big Bookfeatures the following topics The alphabet Proper nouns Common nouns Short vowel sounds Plurals Pronouns Verbs Adjectives Compound words Adverbs Speech marks Parsing This is intended for group work but my two girls and I love sitting around a huge book It just adds a little something extra to the activity which is novel in a home settling The book is very informative and for those adults who don t know their adverbs from their pronouns, they will learn a thing or two. I have used this book to teach pupils from 6 to 15 years of age It covers the basics in grammar with user friendly illustrations, which make learning accessible. used in school