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How to pick up basic Japanese fast Japanese is the fifth most studied language in the US with over , college students enrolled in Japanese courses every year, and Japan ranks as the eighth most popular international destination for American travelers Focusing on real world language skills that people can put to use right away from asking directions to talking numbers this phrasebook is a must for travelers and students Eriko Sato, PhD, is a native Japanese speaker and Professor of Japanese at SUNY Stony BrookHundreds of useful phrases at your fingertips Speak Japanese instantlyShopping Ordering dinner Chatting about the weather Talking about your family Dealing with emergencies Whether you re a traveler or student, this handy Japanese phrase book makes everyday communication a breezeDiscover how toGet directions, shop, and eat out Talk numbers, dates, time, and money Chat about family and work Discuss sports and the weather Deal with problems and emergencies