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Easy to understand and use The phonetic spelling is really helpful and it seems to cover all bases for travel to Japan Sewa o shimasu I took this for a weekend trip to Japan for the F1 and found it useful for ordering food and drinks in restaurants and in my dealings with hotel staff and railway station staff. The book came as promised In a really good condition useful for quick reference , easy to follow and use , nicely packed and delivery , enjoying it. Easy to read format Book well organized DictionaryUnfortunately, going through the book with my Japanese friends we found quite a lot of bugs in the examples mostly phrases.But still I would recommend this phrasebook because it s transparent and easy to use. The idea of heading somewhere like Japan is daunting in terms of language but this handy pocket sized phrasebook is perfect for some key words and phrases, especially the most important part pronunciation Worth popping in the rucksack to help smooth over any Lost in Translation moments. One of the best purchases I ve made in a long time.Would absoloutly recommend. With a comprehensive pronunciation and grammar section, reinforced with tips on protocol and culture, this phrasebook provides all the survival words and phrases required by the traveller in Japan.