{read online Prime} Japanese Kana Cards Kit: The Japanese flash card kit that helps you learn Japanese hiragana and katakana characters in a flash! (Tuttle Flash Cards)Author Glen McCabe – Z55z.co

This product is okay I really like the concept and the words you get in addition to the hiragana katakana letter so you can quickly get accustomed to know actual Japanese words However all of this is useless if you can t even flip the stupid flash cards right The ring to hold the flash cards together is at the bottom which doesn t even make any sense because it should be at the top so you can flip over the previous cards you re done with I could just get rid of the ring completely but i m worried i might lose some cards that way and i don t want to damage the cards Since they cards are pretty poor quality and they rip easily by starting to make new holes myself.So overall, if it wasn t for this organisation issue i probably would have given 4 5 stars but the way it is now i doubt i would have bought it if i had known It doesn t make any sense to buy something that irritates me to use it for than 5 minutes As it is i don t even use them to practice new hiragana katakana any like i had originally intended Now i just leave them to catch dust and whenever i m too lazy to just use the internet i use the cards whenever i need to reference a hiragana letter to see if i wrote it right.In all my life i ve never written a bad review, normally i prefer to just not to write anything instead of writing something negative, but in this case i ll make an exception because this was a complete waste of money. I m a beginner learner of Japanese and these simple flashcards are perfect for flicking through during the day the cards are small and sturdy The box is good, but I ve put elastic bands around each individual set so I can carry them around with me A great revision aid for my Japanese lessons. Bought as a gift for someone learning Japanese via Duolingo The recipient is delighted The posters are particularly appreciated Having compared a number of products before purchasing this I found this set to be value for money Arrived promptly, in good condition and as described. I have really enjoyed learning Kana with the little set It s so neat and well presented The 2 wall displays with Katakana Hiragana are really helpful with the special pictures to help you learn the kana My favourite is the organisation ring so you can choose which flashcards you want to work on and take them with you anywhere Although most learning is done on the computer or mobile nowadays, its nice to have something physical to hold I have almost finished learning the last few Katakana and its only taken a few weeks and I m not a fast learner at all I haven t had chance to use the CD because my laptop doesn t have a CDROM but based just the flashcards and the charts, I would definitely recommend this set. Great flash cards however, did not think the mnemonics were helpful, which was my reason for buying them Great examples, but did not feel useful at this stage Will make my own flash cards. As a companion to Tuttle s successful Kanji Cards I and II and Kana a Day practice pad, this set of flash cards will help anyone learning to write the characters of the hiragana and katakana syllabaries