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I had been looking for graded readers for Japanese learners for a while now These are absolutely perfect Each book, gradually increases in difficulty, not to mention it gives you great vocab review and practice It really helps you feel like you have a great grasp on the language Highly recommend for Japanese language learners Level 1 is for those who are taking elementary level Japanese basically JPN 101. This is my second time owning the Level 1 set of readers I loved them when I was living in Japan and teaching myself Japanese The simple format and inclusion of basic kanji helped my learning process Now that I m studying Japanese again, years later, I bought a new set and find them even enjoyable and this is coming from a 48 year old woman The stories are gentle and easy to follow along with The recordings are a perfect pace for learning, and the voices, once I got used to them, are a comfort.Not included are study guides that break down the vocabulary and help you understand the translation I actually love this because, just as they say, the vocabulary builds on itself and familiar words you acquire in the first book reappear in the other books Also, not having a study guide forces you to learn how to use a Japanese dictionary After lots of research, I chose the Oxford Beginner s Japanese Dictionary It will keep you busy for a long time.Something else these books are doing for me, without any intention of my own As I m listening to the recordings, without reading along with the books, I m actually hearing or seeing hiragana My Japanese has quickly shifted from a dependency on first trying to understand something by relying on romaji the English alphabet equivalent I m now almost exclusively thinking in hiragana when I hear or read Japanese To help you with this important transition, you won t find any romaji in these readers only what s known as furigana small hiragana characters to help you read kanji.In case you don t know, as I didn t, there s also a Level 0 Personally I feel it s best to start with Level 1 Once your eyes start to sink into the text and you begin to recognize one word from the next not the definition yet but just individual word distinctions , you ll start to feel comfortable and see your progress The book description says the pictures are helpful aides in understanding the text At first I didn t feel that way, but now that I ve spent a good amount of time with these books, working on one at a time but listening to the next book when I want to hear something new, the pictures are actually helping me understand the text.My goal is to collect all Levels of these books, Level 0 aside, and use them to help me build my reading ability, vocabulary, grammar and kanji They really are a great place to start for self taught learners and as additional learning material for your Genki textbook or some other text They re a bit pricey but well worth the investment, and they store nicely in the little box they come in. I bought these to support my language learning and when I got a new teacher I found that she uses them with Comprehensible Input TPRS so it worked out wonderfully.The stories quickly ramp up in complexity and you start with simple statements In the third book there is a lot of dialogue between a college aged man and woman, so you get to hear read conversational forms.I do recommend that you use Audacity or whatever audio program you like to save the stories slowed down by about 10 15% until you can hear everything at full speed Then start listening again at full speed when you re catching all the particles. It s perfect in almost every single way, but it s WAY too expensive These series are awesome, I would like to collect all of them A bit pricey, but I would recommend them to everyone who is looking for something simple to read. I bought these because I felt like I needed something realistic than all the learn to speak books I have I was thrilled to realize that I understood most of the books the first time through The kanji is simple and has furigana for those who are still getting familiar with basic kanji If you have a somewhat decent vocabulary like a basic 100 words you should be able to pick it up pretty well The hardest part for me is listening to the CD because it sounds like it s being read SO FAST could be me though, because I have trouble hearing people in general, let alone in a foreign language These are a great way to test your ability to read and understand Japanese The stories are interesting and read like children s stories I think they re great These are about what I would expect a kindergartner or a first grader to be able to read in the American school system. The Japanese Graded Reader series meets the need of the learners of Japanese who want to learn and enjoy reading listening in Japanese Each reader is written and edited with care to every detail so you can enjoy reading and absorb tons of Japanese without a dictionary Five levels for the beginning to intermediate learners Ranges from folk tales, fiction, biographies, history, and culture Every kanji has its reading printed next to it, and also every katakana up to LevelVocabulary and grammar are controlled throughout Vocabulary outside the control list are made clear through paraphrasing and or illustrations CD recording with sound effects makes reading, listening and shadowing much fun This is the first half of our beginner level textbook series featuringto , characters andvocabulary words per volume using only desu masu forms The vocabulary and grammar used are the same as that in Level , but the stories in Levelare slightly longer Includesvolumes andaudio CD A Little Girl A Tale of Hachi John goes to Japan Urashima Taro Funny Stories Just what I needed Easy to read for beginners, lovely illustrations, interesting stories I would recommend them to other beginners. I thought it was a bit expensive, however it arrived quicker then expected, in excellent condition, great packaging, the books are made of a nice sturdy design The art inside is very well done, and the reading level is perfect for me Not only that, the seller gave me some cute stickers and a little note for me It was a great buy Thank you teriyaki store