Audiobooks J.K. Rowling: Did You Know? The Children's Educational Quiz Book (The "Did You Know?" Series 2) (English Edition) By Julia Reed –

NumberBest SellerAge Leveland up Grade Leveland upDid you knowWhen she was a little girl, Jo JK Rowling knew a brother and sister from her neighborhood that had the last name PotterDid you knowJo was not a top student but she worked very hard to keep her grades up She did not like sports and was terrible at them and that Hermione is based on Jo when she was aboutyears oldDid you knowWhen she was a little girl, Jo liked to write stories and she would read them to her sister Diana The first story Jo ever wrote was about a rabbit called Rabbit who became sick with the measlesThis fun and educational quiz book all about JK Rowling and her books, will give your child a better understanding of the woman who is said to be responsible for reading to become cool againThe questions are about the Harry Potter series of books They are simple and easy to understand for anyone who has read themAnd even if they haven t, the answers can easily be guessedClick on the right answer and your child will learn some fun facts about JK Rowling that he or she may not already knowGet your copy today and help your child get to knowabout JK Rowling and the Harry Potter books