The book was in excellent condition and the course first class. In good condition and at a fair price Arrived promptly A useful course for those returning to Italian after a long break. Yes it s very good as I didn t know italian at all this course book is very good,would recomend it ,thankyou , Just what I needed but I guess I may have buy the dvd Excellent condition as described. Just as described super fast delivery Developed for beginners, theItalianissimocourse book is designed to accompany theItalianissimo CDsbut can also be used on its own to develop your reading and writing skills With its emphasis on enjoying Italy and all it has to offer culturally, Italianissimowill teach you all the language you need to make the most of your time abroad Its unique twin track approach allows you to decide how you want to learn Choose either the quicker route, concentrating on communication, or the detailed route if you wish to understand the language and grammar in depth Ten structured units present the main language of the course, with additional grammar and exercise sections provided at regular intervals to reinforce learning Italianissimo can help you reach the equivalent level of a first qualification, such as GCSE Thispage course book is also available to buy as part of a pack that includes fourminute audio CDs Excellent book. I had this book when I took a college course in Italian It is a wonderful and complete book, to learn I learned to speak Italian when I lived with my mother and my Italian grandparents, in Quincy, Massachusetts, from birth, in 1941 to the age of three years My father was away in the Navy, aboard ship, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii My grandparents were Italian immigrants, having come to this country in 1921 with their four children, one being my mother While we lived with them, only Italian was spoken in their home, however my mother also spoke English to my sister and I I learned to write in Italian a little, but not very well Many years later, when I was married, I signed up for this college offered night class, and this book is the one that was used At last I was able to really learn the spelling and punctuation, along with the proper use of words for the many expressions, the past and present tense of words, how they are used, and so much It is a wonderful book I also bought this book for my son in law, who is Italian, but only learned a few words here and there, as a child He was thrilled I also bought him the 4 pak CD to listen to, so he can also learn to speak this beautiful language Book in excellent condition, real interesting to study.