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Whether you are moving to Italy or just planning a vacation, youll want to know some key words and phrases to make sure everythings va beneItalian For Dummies Audio Set has everything you need to introduce you to the language so that you can start to communicate with other Italian speakers without memorizing a bunch of boring grammar notes and long vocabulary lists Each of the three hour long CDs is filled with interesting conversation topics that allow you to listen to what you want to listen at your own pace Soon, youll be able to communicate in Italian aboutWork, jobs, and office life Making small talk Traveling and making arrangements Asking for directions Getting help and assistance Ordering at a restaurant Booking a room in a hotel Exchanging money at the bank Shopping in a store or boutique Along with all these topics, these CDs cover essential rules and building blocks of the Italian language, such as verb conjugation, tenses, and sentence structure, as well as a list of essential words With this beginner audio set, you can pop any of the CDs in your CD player or computer and discover the joy and fun of speaking Italian

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