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This is the fourth edition of this highly successful text Appealing to undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA students, its coverage of the theory and practice of the balance of payments, exchange rate determination and the international money system is both clear and accessible and guaranteed to bring the subject alive for its large and diverse audienceSupported by tables, graphs, diagrams and other pedagogical features, International Finance deals with the international interface of money markets and policy, which is of growing significance in an increasingly globalised world economy where economic crises have enormous political consequences

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  1. P.L. P.L. says:

    Great book

  2. Yu Wang Yu Wang says:

    Just the one I want The print and the quality of the book is perfect A very good book for finance beginner.

  3. buyer05 buyer05 says:

    Perfect Like new

  4. Changhao Li Changhao Li says:

    New and cheap book

  5. El Economista El Economista says:

    An excellent book Provides a structured and coherent coverage of the International Finance literature in an easy to follow and applied way This text is very good for advanced undergraduates or MBA students After reading this book you will be equipped with a basic toolkit to understand and analyse open economy macroeconomics.

  6. Algert Algert says:

    It is a very well done book it wars perfectly fine for whatever course I really enjoyed it and it helped me a lot

  7. E. R. E. R. says:

    The book can be split into three parts 1 Theoretical Part Chapters 1 10 is rather dull and wordy, to my taste It contains too many typos for a 4th edition, and even repeated paragraphs p 52 It looks as if the author himself got bored writing this part It would not be surprising the presented theory is a set of ancient IS LM type models with numerous slope coefficients sort of falling on you from the sky, without much intuition It seems that by now, the models of so called New Open Economy Macroeconomics have become mainstream, and I believe they deserve at least a much better coverage than provided in the book, if not the main focus In the text, NOEM only gets an honorable mentioning in a half page box In no way this is a good textbook for students of international macro.2 Practical Part Chapters 11 18 can be called How Stuff Works in Real World I think this is the most valuable part of the book Although it is still wordy, I have enjoyed reading it The last chapter on the Great Recession is particularly nice it is comprehensive and well structured The whole part is very informative, and I have learned a couple new things from it.3 Tables These god damn tables are a good 1 4 of the book They often take several pages in a row The author must replace them with graphs There is no reason to report these numbers they don t help the narrative and they are taken from commonly accessible sources.I think the book can be easily cut down to 250 pages from 500 The author should focus on chapters 11 18 This way the book would look like a very good description of the issues of the real world of international economics rather than a so so textbook.

  8. Xiaoyu Zhang Xiaoyu Zhang says:

    I buy this so called new book, BUT it s not a new book at all

  9. Bosoca Bosoca says:

    I m not going to go into why it deserves one star because, that would be a thousand words.

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    no problems