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Igbo, also known as ibo, is one of the major languages of Nigeria This guide contains an introduction to basic grammar, two way dictionary, and helpful phrases arranged insections, each of which deals with aspects of everyday life Also includes cultural information and a brief history of the Igbo people

15 thoughts on “Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary & Phrasebook (Hippocrene Dictionary & Phrasebook)

  1. Obi Obi says:

    While it is commendable that some are taking the time to make dictionaries for the Igbo language, which is in dire need of some sort of regulation, this particular Igbo English English Igbo dictionary is in particular a let down in terms of grammatical, orthographic, and syntactic mistakes that can be found throughout and also because of its shallow depth in terms of the inventory of words and the explanation for each of these words.Every word is translated to the next language using a single corresponding meaning implying that most words in both languages have identical usage and can be understood this way in both languages, which couldn t be farther from the truth Using the word for bread achicha for example, this can also mean dried plantain leaves its original meaning before being extended in the 20th century to include the widely known bread depending on what you have grown up understanding it as Considering Igbo is a language with much variation in dialects, it is surprising that there is no indication for the origin of any of the words.The biggest problem with this dictionary, however, is that it does not indicate the tonal structure of Igbo words a very big part of the Igbo language is the tone, knowing each word in the language properly means knowing the appropriate tones or risk completely mispronouncing a word and unintentionally saying something else instead There s absolutely no indication or very little, such as diacritics normally used in Igbo, and often misused here that tells us, for example, that the word for egg kw Low High tone or LH has separate vowel tones from the word for clothing, material, cloth kw HL which almost makes this dictionary useless in terms of seriously understanding and accurately speaking the Igbo language There s also no real discussion based on Igbo grammar and how verb roots work with affixes, and so on.Not only are the amount of words in the dictionary scarce with 100 words per page, on English Igbo Igbo English sections that each take up less than half of the 190 page A5 folded book Many of the translations are often incorrect in the sense that some of the long winded and English loaned English to Igbo translations have been made apparently without the knowledge of existing proper Igbo words for the specific concept a glaring example of this is with the English Igbo translation of island as ailan in Igbo, suggesting a loanword being needed, when there is already a word in Igbo for the geographical feature, gw It goes on giving loanwords from English to Igbo when there is no need, or long winded clumsy and arbitrary ones like that for butterfly translated as ihe na efe efe , literally the thing that flies.The book is only to be used by those with good enough knowledge of the language who want a quick reminder of a word they ve forgotten for example, and are able to decipher what is correct and incorrect and how tones are used for the words in the dictionary Apart from this I cannot see how this, although notable attempt of a dictionary can be any useful outside of that.

  2. Vivienne Vivienne says:

    Very useful but flicks from old igbo to updated alot but if you are learning with native speakers you ll be fine.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    A short dictionary but the phrase book covers a lot of useful things.

  4. m e n k m e n k says:

    I found this book easy to use, it is small size makes it easy to carry around It is very good for a beginners.

  5. William Parker William Parker says:

    Compact yet comprehensive A good book and good service Thank you.

  6. Emmanouela Emmanouela says:

    Is very good for learning Igbo one of the three big Nigerian Languages very useful and easy to learn fantastic

  7. Vivienne Isebor Vivienne Isebor says:

    I HAVE NO RECEIVED THIS BOOK AND HAVE HEARD NO NEWS.I will continue to look into this matter until it is sorted out.

  8. amelia adaeze amelia adaeze says:

    i have, as an Oyibo english person ,been looking for a while for a good all round igbo dictionary i was impressed by the breadth of material in a pocket size book like this me and my husband are attempting to teach our son Ik 11 mths the igbo language and i have been learning for a while the book even covers briefly, key info on culture,and also grammar ,pronounciation etc since i bought this book it has never been on the shelf at all always on hand,so i can shock my husband an Igbo with my progress this book is like a passport to the igbo languge and culture Essential

  9. jenny jenny says:

    Ist im Gro en und Ganzen wirklich in Ordnung Leider sollte man sich zus tzlich ruhig noch mit Lernvideos z.B bei Youtube informieren, da die Ausprache bzw Betonung dem Buch nicht zu entnehem ist.Ansonsten find ich es wirklich super.

  10. Mrokelis Mrokelis says:

    There are some mistakes and inconsequences in the dictionary, but still it contains almost all words needed and includes basics of grammar and short phrasebook In the introduction there are few pages about history of the language and Igbo people Very handy for reading in Igbo I had no opportunity to test it in the field speaking with Nigerians , but I imagine it must be really useful.

  11. Graziella Tramonti Graziella Tramonti says:

    Nirgends im Buch oder auf dem Cover steht um welches Igbo es sich handelt Prompt habe ich das Igbo einer anderen Region gew hlt Jede Region hat ein anderes Igbo Evtl existieren ein Duzend, wenn nicht mehr Ich suche das Main Igbou, auch Central Igbou genannt welches man im Anambra State spricht.

  12. Kristopher S. Shoemaker Kristopher S. Shoemaker says:

    Having been to Nigeria and having stayed among the Igbo, Though most of them know English I greatly desired to express to them my gratitude for their hospitality To converse with someone in their own tongue shows them just how much you care Also 25% of all African Americans as well as some Haitians and Jamaicans are of Igbo descent and it is a good way for some one such as this to begin to get back in touch with their roots and heritage It is wonderful to know that with a pocket sized product such as this the language will not die It is thorough, yet concise with all the basics you need to know in order to converse in Igbo and move around confidently in Igboland It also has a nice brief history on the Igbo as well as their customs and culture I plan on going back to Nigeria in the near future and this product will always be very close at hand.

  13. Honoring Honoring says:

    Very helpful.

  14. Shawn Shawn says:

    My folks are from Anambra StateAwka to be exact This reference is just okay The lack of accurate efficient Igbo language learning tools is frustrating None of my home dialect is really reflected in this dictionarynor are many others It s nice to look through, however, you won t be teaching your children or yourself much in the way of meaningful conversation.

  15. Mama Z Mama Z says:

    While this dictionary was some help, I guess what I really needed was a resource where I could look up phrases I can see how it would be helpful to people traveling, but not so much for a literature teacher teaching a book with Igbo words in it.