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Cheryl Harness has written a wonderful book full of facts and information about Hillary Clinton that takes you through her early years to present day I couldn t put it down once I started reading her book I loved how Cheryl intertwined historical information throughout the narrative of the book Highly recommend this book Great book, highly recommended. Lots of information, but dry reading A biography ofPresidential candidate, US Senator, US Secretary of State, and former first lady Hillary ClintonA Real Life Story biography ofpresidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton With dreams of becoming an astronaut at a young age, Hillary Clinton has always reached for the stars, politically, personally, and professionally Shes led a life devoted to public service, championing the rights of children, women, the disenfranchised Wellesley, Yale, First Lady of Arkansas, Law firm partner, First Lady of the United States, New York State Senator, Secretary of Stateher list of accomplishments is nothing short of extraordinary her life story as told by acclaimed writer Cheryl Harness, is powerfully inspiring