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Shes one of the most powerful women in the world But who is she really This book, just for kids, will look at her childhood, education, marriage and work to see what made her who she is KidLit o is a leading electronic publisher in childrens books each month, it publishes several history, science and language arts books.

5 thoughts on “ Hilary Clinton for Kids: A Biography of Hilary Clinton Just for Kids! (English Edition)

  1. Melissa Stebick Melissa Stebick says:

    I believe the book is approximately 50 pages or so There were so many typos, errors, misprints that my 7 year old daughter started pointing them out It s hard to believe anyone read through this book before printing The biggest glaring error was the fact introduced early in the book that Hilary grew up a Conservative and later, during college, became a Democrat At some point later on in the book, that point was mentioned again, only this time it read that Hilary went from being a Democrat to a Republican That s a pretty big oversight in editing That being said, for the price and for the purpose of purchase, it served the purpose.

  2. Karball Karball says:

    Well done

  3. Amanda Contessa Amanda Contessa says:

    This book is perfect if your child is doing a report on Hilary Clinton it describes her life and what she did during her times in office I strongly recommend this book for you child

  4. Dobby Dobby says:

    The 8 year old child to whom I gave this book loved it, and so did her parents As a teacher, I also think it is wonderful for youngsters of a certain age I highly recommend it To remind everyone This is a biography of a public political figure, not a political statement, and it is well done.Signed Dobby

  5. ljmalone ljmalone says:

    You get one star for spelling her damn name wrong on the cover Jesus.