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Does money make the world go round Can money buy happiness What would happen if a bank simply printed money Heads Up Money introduces economic theories to everyday life for young adultsFrom the pennies in our pocket to the global financial boom, Heads Up Money puts theory into practice and explains the important issues surrounding all areas of economics including the market, supply and demand, currencies, spending and saving Using bright illustrations, big ideas, and economic and personal finance, Heads Up Money will help young adults understand the financial world around them

4 thoughts on “Heads Up Money

  1. Shengguo Shengguo says:

    Good quality

  2. Sindu Nair Sindu Nair says:

    It s indeed an informative book My 17 year old daughter found it very useful.

  3. Sanjay Sanjay says:


  4. Clinton Hollister Clinton Hollister says:

    This was a gift for a teenager who is just starting to learn about finances, and who told us that it is very helpful and easy to understand.