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This dictionary is a modern resource designed to strengthen knowledge of the growing vocabularies respective to both Hausa and English It is especially geared to the needs of speakers of both languages, be they student, business traveler, or tourist Throughout the , entries and than , definitions presented here in handy reference form, the user is exposed to both traditional as well as modern terminology Notions of computerization, telecommunications, business, and the globalization of politics, law, and economy are well represented Hausa is one of the major languages of Nigeria It is also spoken in Niger and other neighboring West African countries in significant numbers It is the African language with the greatest number of native speakers in sub Saharan Africa

6 thoughts on “Hausa-English/English-Hausa Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionaries)

  1. TR Johnson TR Johnson says:

    This is a very good portable dictionary at a good price and will serve the average person in Hausaland quite well My only complaint is that it doesn t list all of the verb forms that one will encounter with Hausa speakers, particularly the awa form, which is very common It took me a long time to comprehend why I couldn t find these verb forms in the dictionary, despite the fact they were used in everyday conversation.it would be great to see this on a Kindle version so that one can have this dictionary on an Apple or Android handset or tablet.

  2. TMeg TMeg says:

    I found this dictionary to have entries that were too short and clipped I repeatedly found the word that it gave me in the English Hausa section was unrecognized in Niger it does focus on Nigerian Hausa If you are looking for a English to Hausa dictionary I would recommendhttp www. Kamus Turanci Hausa illustrated dictionary dp B0007JB8JQ ref sr_1_2 s books ie UTF8 qid 1356157720 sr 1 2 keywords Kamus na Turanci da Hausa%2C Neil Skinner far above this one, as it has facility with idiomatic English There are many choices for Hausa English dictionaries, though my favorite is the free online Bargery Dictionary at

  3. chris chris says:

    This dictionary was used by my school and has served me well enough that I bought a second There is very little in the way of Hausa teaching materials and I feel lucky that someone has taken the time to produce a very good dictionary of a language where much of the other available material is old and incorrect If you re looking for a good dictionary on this less commonly taught language, then I would recommend this one.

  4. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Thanks just what I wanted

  5. ilm'illimi ilm'illimi says:

    Thanks goes to the Chicago Library who got rid of the book I recieced it in good condition and it s a AWESOME book for Hausa and English speakers I m very thankful

  6. lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer lincolnshirecleaning.co Customer says:

    Pretty helpful dictionary However, there are several problems 1 No indication of tones in the English Hausa part 2 Some translations fail to be precise about the nuances of meanings 3 No sample sentences.