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This Guide Book To Mathematics Contains In Handbook Form The Fundamental Working Knowledge Of Mathematics Which Is Needed As An Everyday Guide For Working Scientists And Engineers, As Well As For Students Easy To Understand, And Convenient To Use, This Guide Book Gives Concisely The Information Necessary To Evaluate Most Problems Which Occur In Concrete Applications In The Newer Editions Emphasis Was Laid On Those Fields Of Mathematics That Became Important For The Formulation And Modeling Of Technical And Natural Processes, Namely Numerical Mathematics, Probability Theory And Statistics, As Well As Information Processing Besides Many Enhancements And New Paragraphs, New Sections On Geometric And Coordinate Transformations, Quaternions And Applications, And Lie Groups And Lie Algebras Were Added For The Sixth Edition

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    a very comprehensive mathematics handbook

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    It is an excellent new and revised edition of an old version.

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    The Handbook of Mathematics or Bronshtein and Semendyayev has a curious history Originally assembled in the Soviet Union, it was translated into German as part of the Cold War s politics of science, enjoying a great popularity among scientists and engineers in both East and West Germany There have been English translations since the 60s, but paradoxically the progress of mathematics and its spinoffs now make the newer editions of the Handbook relevant than ever it s harder than it used to be to attain a view of the whole, and people like me who did not have a serious math education beyond calculus hardly know where to begin with all the contemporary exotica The Handbook deals with every aspect of applied mathematics, what you would need to know to understand a physical theory or calculate mortality rates for a demographic study.This newest edition of the Western version of the book contains new sections on quaternions and Lie algebras Real and complex analysis, linear algebra, numerical analysis, and probability and statistics are covered at a level of detail that will let you get on to what you want to do, whether that is science or further math study The explanations of concepts you may have missed are crisp and easy to follow, but the topics discussed formed the heart of the mathematical enterprise for centuries this is not rocks for jocks, but a real eye opener for intelligent laypersons who are often ill served by mathematics textbooks The book is not perfect there is very little logic, and still less topology beyond the simple facts of measure theory Further, as a translation of a translation the English can be jarring at points though those unwilling to work with global English are probably not ready for today s technical fields.Due to the general excellence of the book and its near total lack of competitors the recent Princeton Companion to Mathematics focuses almost solely on higher mathematics I would recommend it to anyone even thinking about learning a STEM discipline at a higher level, particularly if they are engaged in self study.

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    One of the best math handbook summarizes most fields of mathematics up to undergraduate graduate level I have the 5th edition and would buy the 6th if the fonts were larger.