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6 thoughts on “Gravitation And Cosmology: Principles And Applications Of The General Theory Of Relativity

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    Es una suerte poder contar con amazom para encontrar todo aquello que ya no se edita en mi idioma como son los libros.

  2. Herbert L Calhoun Herbert L Calhoun says:

    The author takes a novel non geometric approach to the General Theory of Relativity GR He shows how if we can discover the inner properties of a surface, we can then bypass the need for Riemannian geometry by simply studying its metric.Said another way, the curvature of a geometric structure such as the earth, can be determined from its local inner properties That is to say, through a sufficiently small region of space, whereby a local Euclidean coordinate system can be established, and the distance between any two points, satisfying the Pythagorean theorem can be computed This region of course is selected small enough that it will be smooth, continuous, and thus invariant under linear transformations, meaning that the machinery of Vector Calculus can them be deployed to do most of the heavy lifting.However, before he does this, the author gives the reader a clean and thorough review of how it was done in the original Riemannian way.A hint is that one must over understand the principles of equivalence, as Einstein did when discovered that it was Riemannian geometry that he needed.Once you over understand this principle, it is easy to see why Newtonian physics was invariant under the Galilean transformation, but had to be replaced by Maxwellian and Einsteinian electrodynamics, which are invariant under a Lorentz transformation.It was basically this understanding that led to both Special Relativity, and to the tensor metric, and thus on to Einstein s field equations in GR, which essentially summarizes all of this in grand style.The review of the history of these developments is done with such painstaking clarity, it alone is worth the price of the book.In those introductory chapters, we learn why the geometric approach was settled upon by Einstein in the first place, and then we learn why why now we can just begin with the metric tensor, bypassing Riemannian Geometry altogether.Before this book, Barrett O Neill s book Semi Riemannian Geometry With Applications to relativity, was touted as the best book on GR And while I have read and reviewed them both, for my money, this one is the far better one with Steven W Hawkins and G.F.R Ellis The large scale structure of space time, coming in as a strong second.Professor Weinberg, assumes nothing of the reader but an ability to follow common sense and be familiar with a smattering of Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus and College Physics.I could not be happier about this presentation You don t need a U tube course in Tensor Analysis to understand GR as presented here, although it won t hurt Five Stars

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    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS VENDOR While the book appears to be in good shape, it clearly states the book is not to be sold outside India and several countries in the region Received a blue page with information about a supposed Supreme Court Ruling and a Section 102 clause that indicates it is OK for individuals to purchase such copies However, I do not think the statements are accurate and the cover of the book I purchased ONLINE through did not show the book cover with the markings Illegal for Sale in the USA and the Restricted Sale notice for countries in the India region This was no visible in the picture of the book I purchased online through As a consequence, I am giving the lowest rating to the book seller I m not happy with the delivered item and the fact the book has printed on its cover that it is Illegal for sale in the USA and that sale of the book is restricted to India and other countries in the geographic region Also, the book may have differences from the original publishers content I m not happy with the delivered item.

  4. Noel Wass Noel Wass says:

    This is possibly the best book I have come across at explaining General Relativity I am still concentrating on the first seven chapters that culminate in the derivation of Einstein s field equations The tensor analysis is developed carefully and very thoroughly with careful explanations of all quantities including the affine connection and the Riemannian curvature tensor and the contracted Riemannian Curvature tensor The author carefully explains in all cases what happens with thorough calculations what happens to the quantities under coordinate transformations The Bianchi identities are here as well It is true that there are other treatments but the coordinate approach seems to work well for doing calculations on the quantities of interest What I like about this book is that everything is explained very carefully for example the treatment of the Principle of Equivalence on which Einstein based his theory This is a brilliant book by a Nobel laureate and leading physicist I am going to enjoy reading immensely the applications of GR which includes tests of General Relativity some of which had been developed by Albert Einstein The tests of General Relativity which have been applied give everything an historical context Of course has been discovered as regards cosmology since the publication of the first edition of his book 1972 so the book is not completely up to date as regards cosmology inflation but it is still a very valuable resource There are many applications of General Relativity including gravitational collapse and gravitational radiation that I am going to enjoy reading about.

  5. Gary W. Pearson Gary W. Pearson says:

    A classic introduction to Einstein s relativity and it s applications to the universe around us Even though this was written before the discovery that our universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, the development of the ideas leading up to and stemming from Einstein s general relativity make this one a need to have for anyone interested in the field.

  6. Asanka Amarasinghe Asanka Amarasinghe says:

    On of the book for GR I had a soft cover and it worn out and bought the hard cover this is always being my companion for GR in graduate studies Yes it is little bit dated specially experimental results like the expansion rate of the universe but if you are not new to the field of gravity you already know all the updated experimental results The value of this book is not to find accurate experimental results you can read latest research articles if you want that but to gain every bit and piece of the structure of gravitational theory in very great detail towards the line of physics You would be able to find answers to lots of whys you had when you encountered cosmology and GR for the first time Some of the notations are also out dated But ideas are still there I do not think a serious person in the field of gravity will care about few out dated results and notations compared to the entire content of the book.