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In a country where business executives are afraid and and timid, and often undeserving of everything from their high pay to their credentials as leaders along came Bob Benmosche, a genuine person who simply believed in doing what was right for his employees, his shareholders and, most importantly, his country I want this book read by all who want to know the truth of the Great Recession, because the legacy of that terrible era is a disgrace for all those who worked in the greedy world of finance, the proximate cause of so much pain for everyday Americans Not true This man was the lone hero of the era and Good for the Money, in Bob s own straight shooting words, is proof positive of what happens when one man decides to make a difference He was the Hercules of his time and his posterity is sealed by his masterful autobiography Jim Cramer, Host of CNBC s Mad MoneyBob Benmosches memoir is a highly informative and worthy read Good for the Money My Fight to Pay Back America is by turns candid, compelling and sometimes unconventional like the man himself Bobs indefatigable spirit, personal memories and fascinating career are all revealed here with unusual honesty and riveting actionAnyone can learn from the straightforward lessons he shares from his considerable experience running complex enterprises in challenging times Jamie Dimon, Chairman Bob Benmosche was the most effective negotiator I ever met and a man of great integrity Good for the Money both memoir and negotiation handbook offers essential insight into the business philosophy of this legendary figure Kenneth R Feinberg, Treasury Department Pay Czar for TARP Executive CompensationBob Benmosche was a titan in America as a business leader, citizen, and patriot This book is a must read for all who love America Kenneth G Langone, Co Founder of the Home DepotIn this no holds barred, captivating memoir, legendary CEO Benmosche recounts leading the remarkable turnaround of too big to fail insurance giant AIG and shares leadership lessons from a stellar careerhis often irreverent look at the AIG turnaround is the most entertaining section, complete with skirmishes with the media, struggles to transform the corporate culture, and pitched battles with government appointees and Congress This is a definite must read for anyone who wants to learn about the financial crisis, turnarounds in business, or leadership Publishers Weekly Starred Review Remarkably candid and compelling Benmosche stuck to his beliefs and here shows readers what it means to be an authentic leader I am not a liquidator I dont liquidate things I build them Too bad there arent many of his ilk today Pair this with the movie The Big Short to understand why Benmosche was a one of a kind executive Booklist Starred Review ROBERT BENMOSCHE was President and CEO of AIG fromtoand pioneered policies that saved the company from bankruptcy, enabling it to repay its debts to the government within three years He was instrumental in taking MetLife where he worked foryears, as COO and CEO public Once a top executive at Paine Webber and at Chase Manhattan, Bob Benmosche was also a US army veteran Good for the Money is his first book