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Ravenhill s Global Political Economy is extremely accessibile and the quality of the analysis is superb Most importantly, though, it helps students to unpack big claims Dr Huw Macartney, University of Birmingham This text just keeps getting better and better The coverage is comprehensive, thoroughtly revised to keep up with contemporary developments, and the quality of the scholarship is uniformly high Students of international political economy could not ask for aenlightening introduction to the field Professor Benjamin J Cohen, University of California, Santa Barbara Global Political Economy is balanced in its presentation of debates, and rigorous in its arguments, providing an excellent guide for students in understanding international political economy Dr Kelly Gerard, University of Western AustraliaThe only introduction to Global Political Economy that lets students learn from the very top scholars in the field The fifth edition of this popular text offers a comprehensive introduction to global political economy, combining theory, history, and contemporary issues and debates Renowned for its balance of empirical material and critical analysis, the expert authors introduce readers to the diversity of perspectives in GPE, and encourage students to unpack claims and challenge explanations This new edition features a rewritten chapter on the Global Trade Regimes and thorough updates throughout to reflect the rise of new actors and the role of developing economies in global governance