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A top economist weighs in on one of the most urgent questions of our times What is the source of inequality and what is the remedy In Giving Kids a Fair Chance, Nobel Prize winning economist James Heckman argues that the accident of birth is the greatest source of inequality in America today Children born into disadvantage are, by the time they start kindergarten, already at risk of dropping out of school, teen pregnancy, crime, and a lifetime of low wage work This is bad for all those born into disadvantage and bad for American society Current social and education policies directed toward children focus on improving cognition, yet success in life requires than smarts Heckman calls for a refocus of social policy toward early childhood interventions designed to enhance both cognitive abilities and such non cognitive skills as confidence and perseverance This new focus on preschool intervention would emphasize improving the early environments of disadvantaged children and increasing the quality of parenting while respecting the primacy of the family and America s cultural diversity Heckman shows that acting early has much greater positive economic and social impact than later interventions which range from reduced pupil teacher ratios to adult literacy programs to expenditures on police that draw the most attention in the public policy debate At a time when state and local budgets for early interventions are being cut, Heckman issues an urgent call for action and offers some practical steps for how to design and pay for new programs The debate that follows delves deeply into some of the most fraught questions of our time the sources of inequality, the role of schools in solving social problems, and how to invest public resources most effectively Mike Rose, Geoffrey Canada, Charles Murray, Carol Dweck, Annette Lareau, and other prominent experts participate

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    excellent perspective and arrived on time

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    Amazing book

  3. Bertil Engelbert Bertil Engelbert says:

    Heckmans research should be read by all politicians

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    O livro convincente na anlise da import ncia do cuidado das crian as pequenas para um futuro melhor, para elas e para todos Destaca o valor da presen a do pai sobretudo se sua presen a for positiva ao desenvolvimento da crian a em casa Destaca, tambm, o valor de considerarmos o desenvolvimento de habilidades cognitivas e n o cognitivas.

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    Others opinions about Heckman s work I was expecting to read about the author s research and how to help early children I d like my money back.

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    Brief, but excellent Straight to the point, a must read for people interested in child and society well being.

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    Heckman writes for a very wide range of audiences, so you need to know what you re getting The man is a Nobel Laureate in economics and a demigod in the statistics literature, so it isn t hard to find work of his that is challenging even for someone with a PhD in economics But he also engages with a broader audience, and this particular book is aimed at a much wider audience It ought to be accessible to undergraduates, or even advanced high school students It s a good starting point for learning about the subject, but it s not aimed at people who are already familiar with it.The book also differs from much of his writing in that it has a very explicit policy agenda devote resources to early childhood education It lays out the arguments and evidence for early childhood education in a very quick, very readable way It then offers short rebuttals comments extensions by a wide range of scholars and by Charles Murray, followed by Heckman s response to them The book thus offers an excellent opportunity to get a wide range of snapshots about how academics approach the policy issue of whether to devote a lot of money to expanded pre school offerings I could imagine assigning this book to undergraduates, but it isn t advanced enough for my graduate students.So, for the right audience, this book is four stars These debates are important and need to be presented at the intelligent, interested non specialist level.However, if you re already familiar with Heckman s earlier work, this doesn t add much It s somewhat depressing how little is added to Heckman, Krueger, and Friedman 2005 , Inequality in America What Role for Human Capital Policies

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    The research Heckman presented is rock solid He presents it clearly and concisely in an easily understood manner All governmental policy makers need to read this book and use it as the basis for increasing budgetary allowances for early educational funding Heckman makes it clear that investing heavily in early educational interventions will bring far greater returns than the educational budget cuts ever could.