[Audiobooks] General Relativity Hardback: An Introduction for PhysicistsAuthor Hobson – Z55z.co

I have read parts of many books on general relativity and cosmology and I have to say that when looking for a refresher on a concept, I always turn to this book first It might be because I first learned much of general relativity from this book, but I think the explanations are clear and the authors don t get bogged down in details This makes the book a great starting point for new students.That said, there are a lot of typos in the book There is one and half pages of corrections in the back of the book, and the notation that is used is sometimes a bit strange power spectrum, etc For me, I am concerned about the concept and the intuition so these hiccups don t bother me too much.Bottom line for those who want to learn GR as fast as possible using only high school calculus read Exploring Black Holes by Taylor and Wheeler For those who want all the details and multiple perspectives on GR, read Gravitation by misner thorne wheeler Bridging the gap is this book. A well written presentation of a difficult subject However, this is not for the beginner You must have a good command of Calculus and analytic geometry in order to understand this material, but the authors do an excellent job of presenting it in a logical and accessible manner.I particular like the way the authors have broken the material into digestible bits makes this the best presentation of the material have seen and I have a PH.D in Astronomy. For someone wanting to get into the real workings of general relativity with only a background of multivariable and vector calculus, this is a perfect book It s easy to read with a great method of introducing the material by showing you how to use it, then deriving it, which allows you to know the importance of why you are deriving it Problems at the end of each chapter The only problem is finding the solutions, which can be found by searching for courses that are using the textbook, and happen to post homework solutions. I have this book along with the classic by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler Both are good, but I like the explanations in this book better I think it benefits from being published in 2006 Physicists have learned how to explain General Relativity better Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler is 3 times thicker and covers topics, but this is actually a distraction from learning the subject for the first time.Another advantage of being published in 2006 is that the quality of presentation has improved.I recommend the book. Written For Advanced Undergraduate And Graduate Students, This Is A Clear Mathematical Introduction To Einstein S Theory Of General Relativity And Its Physical Applications Concentrating On The Theory S Physical Consequences, This Approachable Textbook Contains Over Exercises To Illuminate And Extend The Discussion