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I will keep my review just about the Kindle edition Inline formulas are sometimes images, sometimes characters Sometimes the font is lacking and a square appear Worse yet sometimes they are a mix of imsge and characters like nabla subscript a where nabla is an image and the subscript is a char, if you zoom nabla will keep its zize but the subscript zooms in.When the formulas are images they may appear to small to be read You need to click and view the image in a separate scrren, and that is a blurred scan of the book, sometimes unreadable All stanalone formulas are images suffering the same problem.An expensive book great book, made virtually unreadable by a lazy electronic adaptation. Wald S Book Is Clearly The First Textbook On General Relativity With A Totally Modern Point Of View And It Succeeds Very Well Where Others Are Only Partially Successful The Book Includes Full Discussions Of Many Problems Of Current Interest Which Are Not Treated In Any Extant Book, And All These Matters Are Considered With Perception And Understanding S Chandrasekhar A Tour De Force Lucid, Straightforward, Mathematically Rigorous, Exacting In The Analysis Of The Theory In Its Physical Aspect L P Hughston, Times Higher Education Supplement Truly Excellent A Sophisticated Text Of Manageable Size That Will Probably Be Read By Every Student Of Relativity, Astrophysics, And Field Theory For Years To Come James W York, Physics Today Hands down the best GR textbook I have ever read The appendix on Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation has been incredibly clear for me and has helped me tremendously I find Wald has done what I always want a physics text to do He is mathematically rigorous enough to fully derive things properly while bot getting too bogged down in trying to prove ever little statement of differential geometry theorem This allows the reader to fully understand the precise mathematics that one need if they want to look further into subject, and still understand the physical reasoning behind everything While this was my first GR text, I would not recommend that they use this book as an introduction to the field It is quite mathematical in its approach and can be a little overwhelming in the beginning The only downside of the text is the beginning differential geometry section which moves very quickly and can be a little confusing at parts at least for me The initial value problem section is also very helpful in not just understanding GR but initial value problems pde in general physics. An outstanding and highly mathematical treatment of general relativity A little out of date in some places and almost definitely not for undergraduates For an advanced undergraduate s first exposure to General Relativity, Sean Carroll s book is likely the best choice.The Kindle edition of Wald s textbook has some issues with symbols both in text and in equations These typos are so blatant that they will never actually cause confusion say, a instead of a partial derivative sign, or a where there should be an f but these errors are rather distracting.I love this book, but I am not fond of this edition. Current graduate student at LSU GR by Wald is absolutely excellent book for a grad student It firmly establishes many elements and fundamentals of the theory with solid reasoning and mathematics.Note though that a bit of knowledge of sets and manifolds may be good to have beforehand only a bit I would suggest the first few chapters of Bishop.As an additional note, Wald s text is somewhere in between Hawking Ellis and Carrol s intro book regarding difficulty Probably leans a bit closer to Hawking Ellis in that regard.