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Gateway to Arabic Book Seven focuses on Arabic verb forms five to ten in a comprehensive manner, covering regular and irregular verbs in their various tenses It builds upon the student s knowledge of the subjunctive and jussive moods introduced in Book Six of the series The key theme running throughout the book is foreign travel, and the student will cover a variety of situations ranging from air travel, lost luggage and currency exchange to taking a taxi and booking a hotel room Passages of dialogue and extensive exercises enable the student to put into practice the knowledge he or she has acquired, thereby reinforcing the learning process

7 thoughts on “Gateway to Arabic: Book 7

  1. Helen Helen says:

    It s a really great place to start for learn Arabic Especially if you want to try and learn to write I had one many moons ago and my Daughter forgot hers for school and took mine so she wouldn t get into trouble I never saw it again lol I should add school was in Arabia Anyhow I decided I would try and relearn now I m back not using any language I have forgotten most of it so I still think this is a good place to start.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    This book was brought brand new and I paid full price but it was defaced with atheistic rhetoric.I want a refund and a new copy.Discussions are good and people with courage should do it but not under false pretences and vandalism of other people s property.

  3. Gillian M. Gillian M. says:

    A good basic introduction to forming and reading Arabic in my opinion.

  4. SharonK SharonK says:

    A very helpful book I m enjoying working my way through it Also subscribed to Imran s you tube channel A fantastic teacher.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    As described happy Nice adjunct to Arabic beginners course from another provider.

  6. alan dennis berridge alan dennis berridge says:

    It is proving useful for me as an arabic beginner

  7. Mrs L Morton Mrs L Morton says:

    Bought as present was helpful