Free eBook Galleria Borghese. Ediz. inglese: The Official Guide (Guide ai musei) [Idioma Inglés]Author Paolo Moreno –

NOTA El libro no est en espa ol, sino en ingl s

10 thoughts on “Galleria Borghese. Ediz. inglese: The Official Guide (Guide ai musei) [Idioma Inglés]

  1. Ahmed Ahmed says:

    Great bookHigh quality read and illustrationsA real souvenir item.Better than any of the guides within the gallery

  2. Herdman Donnan Herdman Donnan says:

    This is a superb guide to what is probably the finest small museum gallery on the planet The text and illustrations are essential reading and viewing before, during and after a visit to the Galleria Borghese.

  3. Val Val says:

    I almost bought this book at the Galeria Borghese, but did not wish to carry it home, and this version is cheaper vey informative with lots of pictures Read just as much as you want to If you read this before you go, it will whet your appetite enough to want to see the real thing.

  4. Greg W Greg W says:

    This is a comprehensive guide It is an excellent source of information and covers many items in this wonderful gallery It arrived well packaged from the USA Previously owned but in good condition.An excellent publication Delighted Thank you.

  5. Just some guy Just some guy says:

    This is THE encyclopedic catalog of the art works of the Borghese Gallery in Rome Every item is included There are a couple of good introductory articles on the Villa Borghese, the collection of the works, etc.This is not really a museum guide, however It gives almost the same space to minor works as to the Masterpieces There is, for example, only one photo per item, including works like Bernini s David that are meant to be seen from several angles There is little description of what to look for and appreciate in the works, including the complex massive sculptures Very little back story in terms of the history or mythology of the works The emphasis is on the provenance and documentation of the items, as well as prior examples in the art world of similar depictions of the subjects This is not really a guide book in the sense of being the book you refer to while in the Gallery The audio guide available at the Galleria Borghese is much better for the latter task, or any of the excellent guide books on Rome e.g Rick Steves.Most of the photos are small, but of good quality So this is also not a coffee table book.This IS the most complete work on the Borghese Gallery available, AFAIK So if you are looking for information on one of the less prominent pieces, or just want to dig into any of them in a scholarly way, this is your best choice I had the good fortune to be able to visit the Borghesse Gallery two months ago, and I am happy to have this book now.

  6. Jimmy performing-arts.coian Jimmy performing-arts.coian says:

    visited Borghese in October and loved it This book brings back the memories and very informative and educative Love this book.

  7. J. Brabson J. Brabson says:

    There simply is no magnificent museum for statuary in the world And if you want to know what you re going to see before you get there this is the book to have You will be given two hours to wander in the galleries, and before you go you should have some idea what you want to spend time looking at this is that book.

  8. Jacques Billette Jacques Billette says:

    It is written by professionals

  9. Michael Fishbein Michael Fishbein says:

    This is an English translation of the guide originally published in a series by the Italian Automobile Club It is the best guide available I examined a whole series of guides on display at the gallery in Rome on a recent visit Copiously illustrated A must have.

  10. Bill Bill says:

    Excellent gallery guide I read it before I went which is useful since your visit is timed to 2 hours and you want to be able to move along