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From English to Swedish is a series of textbooks for English speaking students who would like to learn Swedish The first book covers level A and the second book level A of the European CEFR scale Unlike most Swedish textbooks they provide vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and text commentaries in English This is the black and white paper edition of From English to SwedishA full color paper edition ISBN and a full color Kindle edition ASIN BFXWHL are also available For the paper books, a series of videos with pronunciation help can be fond on YouTube Search for From English to SwedishThe Kindle edition includes sound tracks for all vocabulary lists and textsThe texts of the books tell the story of an American girl who comes as an exchange student to live in a Swedish family She struggles to learn Swedish and adapt to Swedish culture, but in the process runs into a number of culture clashes, all based on the authors real life experiences ke Daun, professor of ethnology from Stockholm University and a specialist in Swedish mentality, has examined the first book and describes the way it introduces Swedish mentality as innovative and entertaining To facilitate the student s learning, the books take advantage of the close relationship between English and Swedish Many of the words appearing in the texts are similar to their English counterparts Having finished both books, the student will have acquired a vocabulary of slightlythan , words including% of the , most frequent words of the Swedish language as defined by Spr kbanken the Language Bank , a data base published by the University of Gothenburg In an appendix to book , the similarities between English and Swedish are explained from an historical point of view, and overrelated words from different areas are presented Each chapter of the books contains a short grammar section presenting essentials in Swedish morphology and syntax All grammatical terms, except the most common ones, are explained At the end of each book there is a grammar overview with definitions of concepts and references to relevant chapters Each lesson includes a number of exercises, where students are encouraged to practice their newly gained grammar knowledge, repeat vocabulary, and answer questions in connection with the texts As the students vocabulary develops, the questions become increasingly open ended in order to stimulate reflection and discussion in class Further, a number of songs with simple vocabulary are included, mainly children s songs by classic song writers Finally, each book contains answers to the exercises and a complete alphabetical glossary Judgments about From English to SwedishI m just learning Swedish, and this book is wonderful The style methodology are ideal Highly recommend , USA A brilliant book The words and pronunciations are well explained with examples given Common Swedish vocab is also used in lessons Quite amazing that by lessonLektionI was understanding and translating simple paragraphs and answering questions in full sentences without much difficulty The two books are a must buy for people looking to learn the Swedish language The second book is just as good as this one , England I ve tried to start learning Swedish several times with at leastbooks, and finally I ve found one that is didactic enough to keep me going Very natural way of teaching, the closest thing I ve seen to have a teacher that prepares a class for you I m already looking for the nd book, Spain