{Read ePUB} Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail traders don't stand a chance. and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING (English Edition)Author Christopher Lee – Z55z.co

You already know that the majority of retail traders lose money What you might NOT know, is that this is an inevitable outcome of the way the retail trading industry operatesYou see, % of what youve learned about trading has come from someone with no real incentive for you to succeed In fact, much of the trading education industry prefers that you DON T succeed because that way, they can make a LOTmoney from youI know thats a discouraging thought But it is, unfortunately, trueThe retail trading industry is, after all, a business And the goal of any business is to maximise profits Now guess where that profit comes from Thats right, it comes from us, the retail traders For every one of us that fails to make money, someone in the industry gets richerDid you know Theres an entire sub industry of people selling trading books and courses that have never traded a day in their livesMost trading strategies youve been taught can never work in the long runYour broker does not need to hunt for your stop loss, because theres a much easier way for them to make money at your expense thats % legalThere are conflicts of interest in almost every aspect of this industryMost retail traders are trading in ways that exposes their weaknesses while avoiding their strengthsIn the trading food chain, retail traders sit at the very bottomThis scratches the surface of the game played by the retail trading industryNew retail traders often come into the market thinking they stand a respectable chance of making money but they are tragically ignorant about the vast network of organisations that are heavily incentivised to prevent that from happeningIn this new book, Ill explain The hidden conflicts of interest between retail traders like us , and the various stakeholders of the retail trading industryHow you have been conditioned to act against your own interests, right from the startThe surprising truth about technical indicators and price patternsHow to avoid the tragic fate of most retail traders, by doing the opposite of what they doHow to adopt a new trading approach that will change your trading experience from being like an uphill battle, to a downhill strollThis book is for people who want to cut to the chase and get right to the bottom of thingsN T expect The same cliche trading tips and catch phrases that you read about everywhere elsePolitical correctness I will be calling a spade, a spadeUnnecessary story telling just to inflate page numbers but do little to put the point acrossVague concepts that have little practical use like cut profits and let losses run You can expect Short and concise chapters This will be a relatively short readDirect, straight to the point examples and illustrationsA paradigm shift to your perspective of retail trading, and what it really takes to succeed as a retail traderThe last thing you should know is that I am a trader, not a writer If you read this book from the perspective of an editor, you might flip out a few times But if you read this book as though we are having a conversation at a coffee shop, you might pick up something new and perhaps, even enjoy the learning processIf youre a retail trader or looking to start soon , get ready to have your eyes opened to the REAL world of retail trading