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It Is All Good Fun, And The Authors Point Out Much That We Readers Would Probably Otherwise Miss This Annotated Version Of Flatland Is Clearly Designed To Be Enjoyed By A Very Wide Audience Readers Of This Edition Will Become Familiar With Edwin A Abbott The Person The Multitude Of Notes Explaining, Among Other Things, Abbotts Wordplay, His Grasp Of Classical Greek Culture, And His Critical Views Of Victorian Society Makes Us Almost Feel Like We Are Having A Conversation With Him I Highly Recommend This Edition Abbotts Story Can Be Enjoyed By Those With A Taste For Any Combination Of Mathematics, Linguistics, Social Commentary, History, Philosophy, Religion, And Faith Lindgren And Banchoffs Notes And Commentary Deepen The Enjoyment Of These Many Dimensions Of Abbotts Creation David A Huckaby, MAA ReviewsThere Have Been Lots Of New Editions Of Flatland And Further Interpretations Of The Original But The Book Presented Here Is Something Totally New The Book Can Be Highly Recommended, It Is A Must For All Admirers Of Flatland Karin Reich, Zentralblatt MATHFlatland Should Be In Every Mathematics Collection, And This Is The Definitive Edition Outstanding Academic Title C A Gorini, Maharishi University Of Management, Choice MagazineWith Their Informative Notes, Banchoff And Lindgren Add Immeasurably To The Text In Addition To Explanations Of Arcane Terminology And Of The Mathematics Involved, They Provide The Background Necessary To Understand The Book In The Context Of Victorian England It Is A Period During Which Entrenched Ideas, Both Social And Scientific, Were Undergoing Dramatic Metamorphosis Banchoff And Lindgrens Comments On Abbott And His Milieu Allow The Reader To Comprehend This Fascinating Turning Point In History The Plethora Of Fascinating Background Information And Detail Will Make You Appreciate The Book At A Much Deeper Level American ScientistFlatland, Edwin Abbott S Story Of A Two Dimensional Universe, As Told By One Of Its Inhabitants Who Is Introduced To The Mysteries Of Three Dimensional Space, Has Enjoyed An Enduring Popularity From The Time Of Its Publication In This Fully Annotated Edition Enables The Modern Day Reader To Understand And Appreciate The Many Dimensions Of This Classic Satire Mathematical Notes And Illustrations Enhance The Usefulness Of Flatland As An Elementary Introduction To Higher Dimensional Geometry Historical Notes Show Connections To Late Victorian England And To Classical Greece Citations From Abbott S Other Writings As Well As The Works Of Plato And Aristotle Serve To Interpret The Text Commentary On Language And Literary Style Includes Numerous Definitions Of Obscure Words An Appendix Gives A Comprehensive Account Of The Life And Work Of Flatland S Remarkable Author

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  1. grell grell says:

    This annotated edition of Flatland is fantastic The additional material provided by Lindgren and Banchoff is a delight for Flatland fans, which includes me starting with my first reading of the original Flatland in the 1970s.Banchoff was a very early advocate starting the 1960s and 1970s for the uses of computer technology and graphics for the study of higher dimensional objects.To the best of my knowledge, his award winning 1978 video Hypercubegives the earliest animated views of the tesseract and other projections and slices of hypercubes We note that there is a wealth of earlier fixed image artistic renditions of four dimensions in general, and views of the hypercube, some of the best known may be Picasso s 1912 Nude Descending Staircase and Salvador Dali s 1954 painting of the Crucifixion.The new material in this edition of Flatland includes wonderful details about Abbott s extensive lifetime long work as an educator and tireless advocate for students of all social classes for both boys and girls and young men and women at the university level , a dedicated, prolific and influential minister, a master teacher including many former students who went on to very successful careers in a variety of pursuits with one a Prime Minister of England Other materials include historical remarks about Abbott s personal life, his interactions with friends and with influential people throughout his lifetime.Reviews of Flatland at the original publication date 1884 are part of the new edition, as well as an explanation of how one review led to a second edition in which the square addresses some remarks made by a reviewer of the first edition.Also fascinating are the notes included by the editors on a number changes to the first edition and second edition including several mistaken references to dodecahedron appearing in the first edition, which are corrected to dodecagon in the second edition In fact several of those references allowed me to confirm that one of my most prized possessions, a first edition 1884 copy of Flatland, was indeed a first edition and not a second edition which had also been labeled as a first edition.There is a wealth of historical material recording comments made by contemporaries of Abbott during his lifetime and by historians of his works later.This edition was an absolute delight to read for this Flatland fan and is most highly recommended

  2. rb rb says:

    The book Flatland itself by Abbott is extraordinary and important due mostly to the idea of transcending point of view The egoic nature of humankind is the bottom line problem with the world, and if people could just learn to see and feel from points of view other than their own egoity, there would be less hate.People used to think the Earth was the center of the solar system instead of the sun It s too bad we haven t learnt from that the simple fact that we are doing the same thing relative to the human species itself and our own so called individuality.Relative to this specific edition notes and commentary by Lindgren Banchoff , I m not that impressed I m sorry to say it, because it is obviously a labor of love for them, but the notes and commentary don t add anything for me And on occasion when I could have used a note on something, there isn t one for that So choosing a star rating is difficult 5 for the Abbott text itself Or 1 2 for the notes I guess I ll be generous and choose 4 stars.

  3. BDF BDF says:

    Edwin A Abbott s Flatland finally receives its due in this wonderful book I hope very much that this annotated edition by Lindgren and Banchoff edition will spread interest far and wide, and will increase appreciation for its many aspects I now believe that every student and we are all students should have the full experience of Flatland, and this edition provides clear access to it I often found myself happily wondering about possible alternatives to their suggestions in other words, I was drawn in completely, though I have read Flatland many times and consider myself an honorary Flatlander.Abbott s text appears on every left hand page the annotations occur on the opposite, right hand page Flatland has long served as a way of entry to higher dimension geometries, and as a satire of Victorian s While attending to these elements and doing in much detail that other commentators , Lindgren and Banchoff explore the likenesses to Plato s cave with unprecedented thoroughness, and provide geometric diagrams and descriptions on many levels that will aid those readers who are geometrically challenged and that will engage mathematicians as well Historical, cultural, and political notes abound as well.The notes are not explanations Rather, they are ways of increasing enjoyment and of posing questions concerning the nature and limits of human imagination that anyone can enter, and that everyone can learn from and savor.

  4. Peter Walker Peter Walker says:

    Excellent edition of this classic Greatly appreciated the facing page inclusion of annotations to explain some of the author s allusions, references to ancient Greek writers, Shakespeare and other sources and so on Very interesting biographical material explaining the historical context of Edwin Abbott We moderns have such a different education experience it was really disconcerting to realise how much knowledge an author like this could assume in his readership Kindle format worked well for me and my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 reading device.

  5. Peter LaPlaca Peter LaPlaca says:

    I had read Flatland as part of my high school geometry class in 1960 and had recently recommended it to my grandsons I thought that I should re read it to discus it with them The commentary by Lindgren and Banchoff really opened up the full ramifications of Abbott s original intent as a social commentary and it expanded my interpretation of this classic work.The specific comments placed across from each page of Abbott s text is a superb method for increasing our understanding of the multiple interpretations of Abbott s wit and wisdom.