[Read eBook] Finding Genius: Venture Capital and the Future it is Betting onAuthor Kunal Mehta – Z55z.co

I have read dozens of books on startups and this is by far my favorite The writing style makes the book really easy to get into and to get through without feeling like a textbook, and yet the book is jam packed with substance This is an absolute must have for anyone that is, or wants to be, an entrepreneur or startup investor. This is a must read for people affected by venture capital tech hint it s everyone, especially the consumers The author lays everything out in an easy, digestible format and even includes some deep topics that are very important for consumers investors AI, data security, blockchain, etc Highly recommend Can you please reformat the Kindle version of this book It is a catastrophe to read on Kindle Plz update it Finding Genius is an exceptional book that provides insight found nowhere else in any venture capital focused literature I have purchased over the past five years The narrative and focus through the lenses of tech founders provide unique and fresh perspectives for anybody who is interested in pursuing a career in venture capital or finding their own start up Highly recommended this is an absolute must read Finding Genius captures the insights and anecdotes shared by prominent venture capitalists who first backed companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Twitter, Facebook, SpaceX, Tesla, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram Between 2017 2019, Kunal Mehta interviewed dozens of successful venture capitalists to define entrepreneurial genius and to bring transparency to an industry that has often been a necessary sidekick to founders that shape the world we live in Finding Genius attempts to answer a few key questions How do discerning investors block out the noise to identify the next wave of innovation What qualities do the genius entrepreneurs share Is there randomness to successful investments or a predictive trend that entrepreneurs and investors can learn from The anecdotes in Finding Genius will search for these answers through the candid stories of the risk takers behind the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation Finding Genius is written and compiled by Kunal Mehta but will feature chapters written by a select group of successful venture capitalists who offer a diverse and expert perspective on new technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as well as specific investment frameworks across industries such as Industrial Automation, Financial Technology, Future of Work, Education, Media Entertainment, and Healthcare.