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A good book but I think it could have been a lot shorter It s repetitive and kind of depressing really. I found that the author spent too much time on mundane information at the beginning of the book Maybe this was to pad out the book The book because of this did not hold my attention Explorer and adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes explores the concept of fear, and shows us through his own experiences how we can push our boundaries in everyday lifeSir Ranulph Fiennes has climbed the Eiger and Mount Everest He s crossed both Poles on foot He s been a member of the SAS and fought a bloody guerrilla war in Oman And yet he confesses that his fear of heights is so great that he d rather send his wife up a ladder to clean the gutters than do it himselfIn FEAR, the world s greatest explorer delves into his own experiences to try and explain what fear is, how it happens and how he s overcome it so successfully He examines key moments from history where fear played an important part in the outcome of a great event He shows us how the brain perceives fear, how that manifests itself in us, and how we can transform our perceptionsWith an enthralling combination of story telling, research and personal accounts of his own struggles to overcome fear, Sir Ranulph Fiennes sheds new light on one of humanity s strongest emotions Superb More of an autobiography than a book about fear. Yet to read but looks promising. 100% positive Di questi tempi una lettura non utile ma necessaria L autore integra lo studio teorico con la sua complessa esperienza Great book by a humble hero of mine and many others God bless you sir I usually enjoy his books, but this one a general rambling about fear, no coherence whatsoever In addition, it s a bit funny that while he mentions the fear of terror caused by various regimes even slavery, he never mentions anything about british iron fist on the former colonies of how they contributed to that slave trade.