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Are you looking for a collection of female croquis templates for fashion illustrations Then this fashion sketchbook is the best solution for you These croquis templates are already drawn on paper and it s easier and faster to draw your designs straight onto ready drawn models, rather than blank sheet of paper to encourage faster sketching It s a bundle of female fashion templates in the most essential double postures in fashion design This Croquis Fashion Design Sketchbook contains lightly drawn figure templates which allow you to sketch your fashion designs right away without worrying about drawing models Thepages fashion figure model templates offer a variety of versatile active and static poses and is therefore suitable for showcasing elegant dresses as well as casual outfitsTailor every last detail of your design with ease and showcase your female collection with this fashion figure sketchbook These sketches mainly come in handy when one has to design clothes and accessories in a bulk, use these fashion design sketch templates and build your very own fashion gallery faster than you would have ever dreamed This sketchbook is perfect for artists, fashion designers, illustrators, tailors, creative people, lovers of fashion and anybody who wants to create a unique and special designGURE TEMPLATES female figure modelposes template pages Static Standing FigureThree Quarter View FigureSide View TemplateBack View Template