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My daughter s preschool had this book on their recommendation list to help teach kids oppisites This book has no words only pictures of oppisites, like a page of eggs next to a page of broken eggs, boy on hammock, and hammock alone.Great book, beautiful pictures My 2 and 4 year olds, loved it, and much like the Carl books you make up your own story. Appropriate choice for my SpEd students The pictures are relatable and has helped them understand opposites The text also doesn t have words so the focus is on whst is happening in the pictures. This book is clearly old school There are no words, only photographs that are artistic and realistic The photographs are easy to make up stories to tell and teach your little one about the concept of opposites Also, the photographs offer your child a way to see art in the world around them.Strange book in its way, but highly recommended. Very old book but great examples of opposites for children I teach preschool Mostly a 3 year old class and the kids loved this one I use it when we are reviewing opposites.The color photos make it a little different than one that is all drawings. The ideas of opposites in a few of the pictures are harder for younger children to understand, but for the most part the book works. My grandchild and I enjoy Tana Hoban books because they lend themselves to expanded conversations about their topics, helping her bridge the known to the unknown Excellent photography.