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From The Internationally Acclaimed, Best Selling Author Of Brother, I M Dying, A Collection Of Vividly Imagined Stories About Community, Family, And LoveRich With Hard Won Wisdom And Humanity, Set In Locales From Miami And Port Au Prince To A Small Unnamed Country In The Caribbean And Beyond, Everything Inside Is At Once Wide In Scope And Intimate, As It Explores The Forces That Pull Us Together, Or Drive Us Apart, Sometimes In The Same Searing InstantIn These Eight Powerful, Emotionally Absorbing Stories, A Romance Unexpectedly Sparks Between Two Wounded Friends A Marriage Ends For What Seem Like Noble Reasons, But With Irreparable Consequences A Young Woman Holds On To An Impossible Dream Even As She Fights For Her Survival Two Lovers Reunite After Unimaginable Tragedy, Both For Their Country And In Their Lives A Baby S Christening Brings Three Generations Of A Family To A Precarious Dance Between Old And New A Man Falls To His Death In Slow Motion, Reliving The Defining Moments Of The Life He Is About To LoseThis Is The Indelible Work Of A Keen Observer Of The Human Heart A Master At Her Best

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    I just adore Danticat and her writing She zeroes in on those torn between Haiti and their homes in the US Families and death, scars inside or out, living with what they ve seen in the past or experienced in the present when visiting Haiti Things that have changed their lives, in big or small ways Emotions they carry inside themselves Eight stories and I loved them all Some were intense than others, but many seem to hinge on a decision that they either make on the spot or have made in the past The author has such an insight into families and of course into Haiti, its current political climate and its past Her stories are always interesting and give one a glimpse into a cou try that many don t know about.ARC from Edelweiss.

  2. Dan Dan says:

    I pick up an Edwidge Danticat book to dive deeply into quiet, painful emotions endured bravely and this latest collection delivers on that expectation marvelously Loss and reconciliation haunt every page, and while not as gut wrenching as, say, her memoir Brother, I m Dying, the eight stories presented here all leave you wounded in the best possible way Danticat s true genius is in the way she hold back information without it feeling like a gimmick This technique is at its best in what is perhaps my favorite story in the whole collection, The Gift, which recounts the tale of two former lovers reuniting in the wake of the tragic Haitian earthquake I won t spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that the stakes shift dramatically throughout The rest of the stories do a version of this as well We meet ghosts and travel to unnamed islands seeped in personal and national tragedy parents and children do their timeless dance of support and neglect death plays a large role In each instance, the core of the experience is buried, only to be elegantly unfolded after Danticat has acclimated the reader to the quotidian circumstances present in each story It s in this way that with Everything Inside Danticat seems to be arguing that the most important moments aren t the marquee ones the ones that we ll recount for years to come Real life happens around those moments, and it s these quieter moments that we and the characters throughout this collection have to learn to inhabit and endure Still, some of the stories seemed to keep their distance, which made it difficult for me to fully connect At times, I wanted to see a little vulnerability from the various protagonists and a little less stoicism in the face of unimaginable tragedy A lot of these stories occupy the space of a recent tragedy, and that s always going to be a tough spot to write about I d liked to revisit these characters a few years down the line to see what they ve learned in the interim and how they ve changed Overall, though, I greatly enjoyed this collection and can t wait to recommend it to all my friends If you liked this, make sure to follow me on Goodreads for reviews

  3. BookOfCinz BookOfCinz says:

    Everything Inside is a strong collection of stories filled with complex characters, all dealing with major issues, trying to navigate life with Haiti being sometimes at the center of the narrative I am such a fan of Danticat s writing, and I found myself being immersed in this collection and the lives of the people represented on the pages With eight stories in the collection, it is hard to zone in on one that truly floored me, because every single one of these stories I rated either 4 or 5 Danticat knows Haiti and I know when I pick up her book, I will be longing for a place I have never visited The stories explore immigration, family life, relationships, poverty, courage and shame These stories are explored in a such a real way and vulnerable way I particularly liked Dosas, The Port Au Prince Marriage Special, The Gift and Seven Stories These stories really moved me because of the topics explored and how complex the characters were From the young privilege Haitian who wants move to Haiti and help change the country, to the mistress trying to rekindle her affair with her lover who lost his child and wife to the earthquake Truly an amazing collection of stories that will stick with you Thanks Knopf for this ARC.

  4. Never Without a Book™ Never Without a Book™ says:

    Writing in beautiful and elegant language, Edwidge Danticat s new collection, Everything Inside, is an intimate and moving eight story collection that centers on love, lost, struggles and the experiences of women With each story Danticat presents characters and situations that will grip you into another facet of the lives, hopes, dreams, and realities of women in and from Haiti Her perfect pacing and seamless narrative make each character s destiny seem inevitable I promise your heart won t leave this book untouched.My year of Danticat has truly been an amazing journey With each book, story and character I was able to bear witness as she established herself as a brilliant storyteller If you enjoyed Krik Krak you will love this collection If you haven t read Krik Krak add that to your TBR list My favorite stories are Without Inspection, Dosas, The Port au Prince Special The Gift

  5. Vanya Vanya says:

    Short stories and I have never found the best footing in our relationship mostly because of my own discomfort with the genre I have often wondered why that is The answer that has surfaced from my hazy consciousness has always been the same my supposed inadequacy at grasping narratives that leave a lot to the reader s imagination, that skip past details to arrive at the crux, and that end too soon for me to enjoy an immersive experience Despite these failings all mine , I set out to challenge my own notions every once in a while I recently read Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat, a collection of short stories that evoke the experience of Haitian diaspora in Miami Occasionally, we are taken to Port au Prince where we meet characters fighting the charms of a propitious future in the States with the nostalgic love for home and one s own community Danticat portrays a wide spectrum of emotions, ranging from love to longing to helplessness to hope These stories try to articulate the experience of feeling untethered from your country without being able to shake off a profound yearning to belong somewhere wholly My favourite stories from the collection are The Port au Prince Special and Without Inspection The former is about a young woman who harbours impossible dreams even in the face of death Even though the possibility of survival becomes faint with every passing moment, she holds on to her dreams as if her very existence depends on this act of unflinching optimism The latter story goes inside the mind of a man as he falls off from a building In the brief moment before he dies, his mind flits through countless memories to present him with the ones that defined his life These flashes of epiphanies taking a cue from Virginia Woolf are heart rending as the reader glimpses a life that will be no .

  6. Edna Desir Edna Desir says:

    I first started reading Edwidge Danticat s short stories in The New Yorker magazine in 1999 The stories in this gorgeous collection are poignant, lyrical, and some heartbreaking Everything you expect from Danticat with the added nuance of age Stunningly beautiful stories Each one took my breath away.

  7. Lori L (She Treads Softly) Lori L (She Treads Softly) says:

    Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat is a very highly recommended collection of eight short stories All of the characters are either Haitian or have ties to Haiti and are set in locales from Miami and Port au Prince to a small unnamed Caribbean country.Danicat is a natural, lyrical story teller and the writing in Everything Inside is beautiful The complicated lives of people and their emotional upheavals, tragic events, and unexpected occurrences are keenly observed Her characters handle their circumstances and loss with the fortitude and stoicism of careful observers Many of these characters are people who live in one place but are drawn elsewhere This is a very special, thoughtful collection.Contents include Dosas Elsie is a home healthcare nursing assistant She is divorced from Blase who left her for her best friend Olivia Blase calls her one day, claiming Olivia was kidnapped when back visiting Haiti, and now the kidnappers are demanding a ransom.In the Old Days A woman flies from New York to Miami to meet her dying father She was born after he left and raised by her mother, so this trip will be the first time she meets him.The Port au Prince Marriage Special A couple who runs a hotel in Port au Prince, Haiti, take the young woman who is their son s nanny to the doctor When she is diagnosed with SIDA, AIDS, they find and pay for her treatment, but their help has unexpected results.The Gift Anika and Thomas are former lovers who meet in Miami The two were having an affair before an earthquake killed his wife and child and left him with an amputated leg Anika has a gift she wants to give him.Hot Air Balloons Lucy and Neah are roommates at college in Miami and grew up with very different backgrounds When Neah drops out to do international aid work for a Haitian women s organization that she learned about through Lucy, Neah s father blames Lucy for this and asks that she talk to his daughter.Sunrise, Sunset Carol is an aging woman who is suffering from dementia, which her husband helps her hide, but her condition is becoming worse and frightening her daughter, Jeanne This all results in a frightening event which occurs at the christening for Jeanne s son Seven Stories Two childhood friends meet again as adults in an unnamed Caribbean country where one of them is now the wife of the prime minister.Without Inspection An undocumented construction worker is falling to his death and is flashing back through his memories and the defining moments of his life.Disclosure My review copy was courtesy of Knopf Doubleday.http 2019 0

  8. Karima Karima says:

    I have read all of Danticat s book most memorable being KRIK KRAK and CLAIRE OF THE SEA LIGHT and been very moved by all, except this one It has all the same themes displacement, love, loss, extreme poverty, betrayal, diaspora, political persecution, all told in her uncluttered, cutting to the bone style But.but, the characters didn t move me, didn t get under my skin, as in her other books I struggle with giving this acclaimed writer only three stars, instead of the full force of a five but so be it I must take responsibility for my own frame of mind Perhaps I am over the top disgusted with man s inhumanity to man and this was of the same.Still, I recommend it Help change my opinion.

  9. Danielle Danielle says:

    I have always loved Edwidge Danticat s books, and this one is one of the best In her beautiful language, she explores what it means to have a homeland, and what happens when you feel you can no longer live in your homeland The stories tackled tough topics of poverty, natural disasters and loss, but all had a spark of hope in them.Thank you to Edelweiss and Knopf for the review copy.

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