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Stop What s Your Car IQ The fastest kind of car A A jet powered dragsterB An invisible spy carC Any car that is red and has flames painted on the sides Cars were invented by A Karl BenzB Professor FlubberC Two horses in Ohio who got tired of carrying people around all day Souped up cars are made with what kind of soup A Chicken noodleB PeaC No actual soup is used Answers inside Really funny book about cars Turns out Tom Lichenheld knows as much about cars as I do which isn t much This book again uses good voice and fun imagination Very similar to Everything I Know About Monsters This silly car book was laugh out loud funny I think I even snorted at a few puns and exaggerations My guys really enjoyed it, and so did I. Tom Lichtenheld has an amazing imagination In this book he shares with us everything he knows about carsthe made up ones, not the real ones And it s a joyful ride. A fun book about the made up history of cars It s a bit long for bedtime, and I don t see it sticking around in history, but not a bad read for a rainy day.