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A fully revised second edition focused on the best practices ofenterprise risk management Since the first edition of Enterprise Risk Management FromIncentives to Controls was published a decade ago, much haschanged in the worlds of business and finance That s why James Lamhas returned with a new edition of this essential guide Written toreflect today s dynamic market conditions, the SecondEdition of Enterprise Risk Management From Incentives toControls clearly puts this discipline in perspectiveEngaging and informative, it skillfully examines both the art aswell as the science of effective enterprise risk managementpractices Along the way, it addresses the key concepts, processes,and tools underlying risk management, and lays out clear strategiesto manage what is often a highly complex issueOffers in depth insights, practical advice, and real world casestudies that explore the various aspects of ERMBased on risk management expert James Lam s thirty years ofexperience in this fieldDiscusses how a company should strive for balance between riskand returnFailure to properly manage risk continues to plague corporationsaround the world Don t let it hurt your organization Pick up the Second Edition of Enterprise Risk Management FromIncentives to Controls and learn how to meet theenterprise wide risk management challenge head on, and succeed

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