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This is a new and fully updated edition of the dictionary, offers overpages of definitions It covers all the words you need for everyday use in Somali language The author has also made the definitions clearer than before This portable and affordable dictionary is perfect for general reference and student of the language The vocabularies have been carefully compiled to embrace all words in current use, including many scientific and technical terms which have become a part of the English and Somali languages as spoken or written today Many new words used in science, radio, automobile, aviation, etc are included in this dictionary, thus affording the student richer vocabularies than those found in many larger volumes Completeness, conciseness and accuracy have been the publishers basic aims throughout this volume, Conciseness has been attained by omitting only highly technical terms, rare and self explaining derivatives, adverbs easily formed from adjectives words not in general use, and the endless array of unimportant and, in most cases, confusing synonyms, usually so common in much bulkier dictionaries

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  1. Ascera Ascera says:

    Very limited dictionary Not very helpful at all for translating and interpreting.

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    Well done

  4. Abdullahi Salaad Abdullahi Salaad says:

    Thank you very much Brother Qorsheel you did great job that help lot of us

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    Very good