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The Elementary Modern Standard Arabic Course EMSA , published in , is the premier introduction, for the English speaking student, to the active written language of the Arab world Expressly designed for the beginning student, the course is written by a team of Arabic language teachers consisting of native and non native Arabic speakers, linguists and people whose primary interests are literature and allied areas It implements an audio lingual approach to language teaching while presenting the elements of Modern Standard Arabic as written and spoken in the contemporary Arab World Volumeis complete in itself and presents a practical introduction to the writing system of Arabic and to its pronunciation, with reading and writing pronunciation drills Thirty lessons provide a basic working knowledge of Arabic Each lesson contains a text, a vocabulary, grammar and drills including oral and written comprehension passages An Arabic English glossary completes the volume The course continues in Volume , which extends the knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and expression Fifteen further lessons are followed by appendices which give reference information

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  1. james@hardy9717.freeserve.co.uk james@hardy9717.freeserve.co.uk says:

    Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 1 is a very good text book in a classroom situation in which any areas that are not clear initially can be raised with a teacher Its seems to provide a very comprehensive framework for Arabic grammar and a foundation of understanding that can be expanded and built upon with the second book Moreover despite its relatively limitted vocabulary almost exclusively areas of the political arena and the rights of women through personal experience I have been suprised at how much everyday communication it enables Finally the book is a bit light in construction, so after heavy use have sticky tape at the ready.

  2. AMIR AMIR says:

    A scholarly, comprehensive and detailed work One of the very best Student must be diligent very committed in order to gain any appreciable level of success However, verbal skills require practice with native speakers..keeping in mind that there is no substitute for an emersion experience , living with native speakers especially those who are educated in the Classical Arabic, which is the primary, not only, but the primary direction of this literary work Studying along with other committed students would be very helpful Also, I would recommend the Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic and Barron s Educational Series 201 Arabic Verbs by R Scheindlin For this work to be useful I recommend that you alphabetize the listing of verbs in this text.

  3. Armando-Malwani Armando-Malwani says:

    This is an excellent text for learning modern standard arabic This series has been the most widely used textbook for Arabic language for english speakers till recently Although, the al kitab series has begun to aclipse this in popularity this still remains widely used Some might find the style of this book rather dry compared to the abundant audio visual aids in al kitab, but I tend to favor this book over al kitab because of the detailed treatment of grammer employed here This book would be best suited for someone who wants to evetually pursue academic studies in Arabic or delve into arabic literature But, if your intention is just to learn conversational arabic, learning the egyptian dialect the al kitab would be a much better option.

  4. perekladach perekladach says:

    This book was once the principal textbook for beginning learners of Standard Arabic, and compared to the shoddy al Kitaab of Brustad, al Batal and at Tonsi, which seems to have replaced it as the alpha dog of Arabic textbooks, it is still a shining jewel The thirty chapters build up the structure of the language very systematically, and its treatment of the grammar is extremely thorough and well presented The exercises that go with each section provide very good reinforcement of the material in each lesson, and the material is self contained enough for an independent learner to work with The areas of Arabic grammar that are most distant from English and hardest for an English speaking student of Arabic to adjust can be grasped relatively quickly and painlessly For example, in a very early chapter, kull is presented, and the text and the exercises drive home the distinction between when it means all and when it means every a nuance which is still baffling to many students well into Book Two of al Kitaab.That being said, EMSA is not without its flaws There is no key to the exercises, audio materials are difficult if not impossible to obtain, and the printing is of really poor quality The sections in the front of the book that purport to teach the handwritten form of Arabic script are especially substandard The vocabulary is dull as dishwater, too after months of work you can feel like you haven t learned to say much beyond the students attended the visiting professor s lecture and the Egyptian president received the Syrian foreign minister Still, considering the alternative, this book really isn t bad.

  5. Luther C Washington III Luther C Washington III says:

    Extremely complicated to follow Falsely advertised as helpful

  6. Bluegrass Maiden Bluegrass Maiden says:

    This book covers grammar reasonably well, better than other books I ve used however, its layout and design are terrible Without bold lettering separating sections or even chapter headers footers on any of the pages, it is quite difficult to see where one section ends and another begins or to find something quickly when you don t know, if opening the book anywhere, which chapter you are in Use a highlighter pen, and you ll do alright Could be a great book with some editing and graphic design work

  7. A reviewer A reviewer says:

    One of the best books out there for learning Arabic.

  8. peter cummings peter cummings says:

    Very good intro, if a little prolix Covers grammar in thorough detail and offers plenty of exercises and substitution drills Iespecially needed this volume as I have access to later volumes in series, but this one was missing.

  9. K. Mosleh K. Mosleh says:

    If you are purchasing this book to learn arabic on you own then i would not recommend it since nothing will make much sense unless you have someone who understands idafa, definite and indefinite nouns etc to walk you through it But on the other hand i am using this book in my arabic class and i love it, but i also have a wonderful professor who is great at making sure we throughly understand the material.