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Einstein S Theory Of Relativity Pagesthorbiographicalnote Ya lo conoc a, por haberlo le do hace mucho Lo he adquirido por nostalgia Es un libro imprescindible en toda colecci n de divulgaci n de los conceptos de la teor a de la relatividad, e incluso de la f sica cl sica. I read this book than 6 years ago from a local library, and was awed by the simplistic treatment and yet complete comprehension that it endowed on me It builds all premises and theories ab initio, and slowly, gradually but inexorably builds a hypothesis that culminates into Einstein s theory.Mind you, the book is NOT for the casual reader, but it is NOT only for academia either A fair knowledge of high school physics and mathematics will probably be required if you really want to reach into the depths of this book Dig deep and you ll come away well rewarded.I promised myself I ll buy this book one day when I ll be able to dedicate the time to read this book I haven t completed this copy, but then I don t need to read it again to write this review The impression that I have from the earlier reading is etched firmly in my mind and that s where this review comes from. At times notation can be a distraction, at other times notation can cause confusion, as in EM most notably Max Born s book is a gem and if you can get around the mild distractions and focus on the ideas then you may even get around the paradoxes in Relatively, where common sense is a distraction.Some gifted people can write and explain well the most complex ideas some cannot Max Born succeeds one of the best popular books on Relativity.