Read Reading Einstein's 1912 Manuscript on the Theory of Relativity: a FacsimileAuthor Albert Einstein –

Great Now In Paperback, This Volume Presents Albert Einstein S Manuscript On The Special Theory Of Relativity, One Of The Most Revolutionary And Influential Scientific Documents Of The Twentieth Century It Includes Faithful Reproductions Of Each Of The Seventy Two Handwritten Pages Along With An English Translation Of The Original German Text A Tribute To Einstein S Genius, The Book Opens With A Brief Essay By Hanoch Gutfreund, A Chronology Of Einstein S Life, A Selection Of Quotes By Einstein, And, To Introduce The Manuscript, A Detailed Description Of The Manuscript, Its Contents, Publication History, And Provenance The Manuscript Pages Themselves Then Follow, Reproduced In Full Colour, With The English Translation Facing Each Page Subtle Variations In Paper And Ink Are Clearly Visible In The Excellent Reproductions, Indicating Where And When Einstein Drafted Certain Parts Of It Because The Manuscript Shows Extensive Reworking, It Reveals Einstein S Thought Processes Than Any Other Of His Handwritten Works Einstein S Manuscript Provides A Glimpse Into One Of The Greatest Minds Of The Last Century I saw this manuscript in a book store a few years ago and found it very interesting, but also very expensive.Recently I searched for the manuscript and found someone selling itfor a decent price, new, in the original shrink wrap.This manuscript contains Einstein s original text and equations in Germanon the right page with an English translation on the right page It is reallya collectors item. Maybe taking on Einstein is over my head This is not the most user friendly book I have found on Einstein s work On the other hand, it is an authentic version of a now classic and once earth shaking key work of modern physics I enjoyed just exploring how much of it I could understand which was some. Very in depth