download Eat Your Competition for Lunch: 27 Golden Rules of running a successful and profitable food business - and enjoy doing it!Author Ali Carter –

Golden Rules that could be the difference between your restaurant making a bomb, breaking even or going bust This book will make you money It will show you how you can easily squeeze profit per dish out of your commercial kitchen without damaging your customer offer In fact, it will show you how you can improve your offer, increase sales and enlarge your gross and net profit margins Bold claims Yes But the author has done all these in many hospitality outlets and in Eat Your Competition for Lunch she shares the secrets with you HerProfit Vampires reveal insider tips that will really fine tune the profitability of your catering business It s packed with marketing ideas and great ways to manage your team and create menus that will really hit the spot with your target market This book is for anyone cooking and serving food whether just starting out or established but not thriving Someone who wants a blueprint to fast track them to a profitable and sustainable business And also to enjoy doing it Ali shows how it s important that you wake up each morning wanting to get to work and you ll only achieve that if you re profitable and staff and customers respect your professionalism Masterchef Professional winner , Anton Piotrowski, describes it as an essential guide for anyone contemplating owning or running a food operation Is this you You have a thunderbolt moment I want to run my own pub, restaurant, hotel, sandwich shop, caf You have always had a passion for exciting food you know you could do so much better than all those cafes and restaurants you see doing OK with mediocre or even poor food and service After all, how hard can it be to knock up a bit of grub, serve a few drinks and keep a genial conversation going with the customers If you re thinking How hard can it be or What could possibly go wrong This book s for you If you re already running a food business and wondering why you re not living the dreamYou can remember the day you started the passion for food the aim to create a successful business doing what you love but it hasn t turned out like you thoughtThere s never any cash left after the bills are settledLife s business decisions are happening to you not made by youYour chef and staff rule the roost and you can t seem to control themYour exquisitely furnished restaurant sits empty of customers while the caf down the road is packing them in and you don t know whyYour mind is puzzled as to why the dream is turning sour If one or apply, then this book s for you The easy reading style is entertaining and practical with ready made templates for success, Eat Your Competition for Lunch is a food operator s bible, don t run your business without it

8 thoughts on “Eat Your Competition for Lunch: 27 Golden Rules of running a successful and profitable food business - and enjoy doing it!

  1. Geoffrey Denne Geoffrey Denne says:

    Ali Carter s book is essential reading for all prospective restaurateurs, caterers, and publicans It clearly identifies the do don ts, pulls no punches and is written in a very easy to read format Many existing operators will be able to confirm what they are doing right and recognise those aspects of their business that have recently gone unchecked.There is plenty of room to make your personal notes and the small chapters are easy to refer back.This book is the New Bible for the hospitality trade, not just in the UK, but everywhere.Enjoy.

  2. cristopher ruffo cristopher ruffo says:

    Pretty straight forward, nothing that I personally didn t know however it is well writen and helps clearify certain thinks Didn t take long to finish, if was longer it would have become quite boring.

  3. Lillibet Lillibet says:

    A fantastic book, full of great tips that make you go oh yes Some stupidly easy stuff that is so fundamental but easily overlooked Not full of jargon which is much appreciated Experienced or new to hospitality you really should have this book at your fingertips.

  4. Ellino-amerikanaki Ellino-amerikanaki says:

    Truly one of the most solid, well thought out, intelligent guides I ve ever read You can extrapolate truly useful information for any food business and quite possibly for other businesses as well A pleasure to read.

  5. Neil P. Neil P. says:

    Excellent and easy to read.

  6. Harvey Harvey says:

    checked out back on book case

  7. Mr Owen J Bale Mr Owen J Bale says:

    This book really captures everything you need to know to get your restaurant business up to the standards you need to be reaching I was amazed as I turned the pages at how many of the examples and anecdotes that Ali gives rang try with my own experience Not only is this book super informative and full of practical advice, it is also full of hilarious war stories that make this a hilarious read as well as a highly educational one.

  8. Gavin Gavin says:

    As operations manager for the tenanted pubs in my company, I can truly say that no food led business or any pub for that matter should be without this in their office It s an easy to understand bible for doing the basics right, whilst providing some additional tips to make them stand out from the crowd.I highly recommend it to any pub restaurant operators who need some excellent advice in how to succeed in a crowded market place.