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An exciting addition to the Easy Learning range, Easy Learning Italian Conversation is a unique guide to communicating in Italian It will help you to find out about Italian culture and to practise your spoken Italian with a free downloadable audio fileCollins Easy Learning Italian Conversation is an ideal tool for learners of Italian at all levels, whether at school, in evening classes or at home, and is indispensable for business or leisureThe text consists ofunits, each illustrating the language used in a particular situation, followed by a summary which gives all the key phrases covered throughout the book The One stop phrase shop unit gives you all the everyday expressions and language structures you need to speak in natural Italian Finally, the short grammar and verb supplement and the glossary give you further help and ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips, and the free audio download helps you to communicate with confidence Easy to use all the phrases you need in order to communicate effectively in natural Italian Easy to read clear, colour layout ensures that you find what you are looking for quickly and easily Easy to understand thousands of examples show how Italian is really usedSome of the other titles available in the Collins Easy Learning Italian range are Collins Easy Learning Italian Dictionary, Collins Easy Learning Italian Grammar, and Collins Easy Learning Italian Verbs

11 thoughts on “Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian)

  1. E. Brightwell E. Brightwell says:

    The book is excellent, but the free audio files provided online are awful The Italian speaking woman is nowhere near as clear as the one in the expensive Paul Noble version, but at least the man does not keep repeating Again, how would you say and it moves through the vocabulary much quickly Unfortunately you do really need the audio part to gain best advantage from the book.

  2. LM LM says:

    I bought the Kindle edition of this and that is why I ve only given it 3 stars I find it difficult to use a reference book on the Kindle When you have a textbook it is much easier to flick backwards and forwards to find what you want I have the easy learning dictionary, which is fab, and the easy learning grammar and practice, which is the best book I have bought, and I m sure this would be great too if it was an actual book.

  3. aesthete aesthete says:

    Maybe it has merit for the student of Italian but for a tourist it is a joke Touring you want to check into a hotel..ask for a table at a restaurant..order a meal and some wineand maybe deal with public transport This book won t help you If you can think of an occasion when you tell someone that you are thinking of ordering the risotto.in italina

  4. Anniefromlondon. Anniefromlondon. says:

    This book is very well set out divided by topic headings, so easy to reference.Beginners could use this as well, as there is a pronunciation guide at the start.As I m already studying Italian, this book helps me to keep up my vocabulary and sentence construction especialy during the summer break.I even did some Italian while relaxing on the beach

  5. Renata Renata says:

    I ve been using different and sometimes very expensive methods to learn Italian I am not a natural with languages but what I have learnt is that having handy books that pack easily are one of the most useful tools This book I downloaded for my Kindle for PC, my notebook goes everywhere with me and have found the layout, phrases and explanations extremely good You really can t go wrong with investing in this book if you re a beginner or forever intermediate like me, and need to dip in every now and again.

  6. Lissyagnesjane Lissyagnesjane says:

    Very comprehensive

  7. MissC MissC says:

    The book could be great but the accompanying online audio is no longer available If you don t have an Italian friend to help you with your pronunciation, it s pretty difficult to guess correctly every time.

  8. Mr M I Summerfield Mr M I Summerfield says:

    this is a really useful gide for those looking to get by conversationally rather than for those who want to learn the grammar of a language So for the holidaymaker it s perfect.

  9. LJF LJF says:

    The book is intended for an advanced beginner or intermediate student of Italian to provide multiple and easy to understand examples of common expressions in different, everyday contexts Very well organized book, and with the Kindle edition, coupled with an I Phone, one can highlight and easily come back to review any word combinations or vocabulary that require further review I ve looked at many self instruction books for Italian, and this is one of the best to reinforce an understanding of Italian syntax and vocabulary usage.

  10. lipsiupolis.de Customer lipsiupolis.de Customer says:

    This book is a good addition to otherItalian Conversation books you mighthave I have many You can never haveenough This one is a bit different.