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This book includes detailed coverage of intellectual property, contract, encryption and liability issues, including allocation of domain names, use of metatags and other forms of search engine optimization, digital signatures and the position of ISPs and other intermediaries There are case studies on electronic conveyancing and e taxationThough the book is written from a UK perspective, comparative material is included from other jurisdictions, including America and Singapore in particular

3 thoughts on “E-Commerce Law

  1. MNQ Hood-Fredriksen MNQ Hood-Fredriksen says:

    This is, as the previous reviewer said, a good overview of the law It s slightly dated now, but gives you a good grounding on the older cases and the law in general in some areas in other countries as well I used this for my Internet Law course as a first instance book that allowed me to find cases to springboard further reading and research I would recommend it, but it would help if there were a later addition with recent caselaw I would not say you could use this book as a single source if you are a law student looking for a good mark.

  2. tnahsarp tnahsarp says:

    Great, if you are learning the E Commerce Law and you are new to this topic It covers the core of E Commerce and provides you with examinable answers when you know how to use it correctly It needs an update however

  3. Adrianna Adrianna says:

    This is a very user friendly and clearly laid out book It gives you a good overview of all the key areas and explains new concepts very well This is not a particularly thick book and therefore tends to have current law as opposed to endless waffle of how an Act came into being A good reference book and an enjoyable read.