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Dutch is spoken bymillion people, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is an official EU language For English speakers, written Dutch can be fairly straightforward to pick up, although the pronunciation can be of a challenge This simple guidebook and audio CD covers Dutch grammar, pronunciation and everyday phrases, making this vibrant language accessible to English speakers whether you re just visiting or planning to stay on a long term basis Dutch For Dummies is the essential guide for everyone from students and holidaymakers, to those wanting to speak Dutch for business purposes From numbers and vocabulary to greetings, popular expressions and proper etiquette, this clear, easy to follow guide will have you speaking Dutch like a native in no time Dutch For Dummies includes Audio CD to assist learning Introductory grammar and vocabulary Meeting and getting to know people Dining out, shopping, leisure time and the workplace Dealing with emergencies Tips on how to pick up Dutch quickly

9 thoughts on “Dutch For Dummies

  1. TheDivineSalM TheDivineSalM says:

    Right so I ve just started seeing a lovely English guy who lives in Rotterdam and while I speak German from being a kid I have no Dutch I hate hate hate going somewhere and feeling like I don t know what is going on so I bought this to learn a few basic phrases and not feel so much like a spare part when we re out and about.First of all the pronunciation is spelled out phonetically in the actual book and the CD gives you it so you can hear what is going on He s been learning Dutch for work a different way and I have to say that this book is better than his for the actual grammar side of things I m practising hard and on my second visit last month I have to say I felt a lot confident than I thought I would.

  2. Moon watcher Moon watcher says:

    Well written, the cd helps to tune your ear to the language I m having fun learning and even at my age, I m picking it up easily If you are self teaching this is the one to go for as your main study material The text is not dry , yet if you wish there is a chapter on grammar Almost as much fun as an Andre Rieu concert.

  3. Martin R. Andrew Martin R. Andrew says:

    Used as study aid for attending Dutch language classes Well designed and with humour enlivening the dialogues, etc.

  4. Rens Rens says:

    Bought this book for my girlfriend just to see if she can learn a little bit of Dutch.Unfortunately it turns out that the Dutch word lists actually have phonetics for the pronounciation in German So while learning the written Dutch word you ll learn to pronounce a word in German which sometime is completely different from the Dutch word.This is not useful at all and a shame as this book has everything to provide a good start for learning Dutch.

  5. Verity Turrall Verity Turrall says:

    very use ful

  6. Dr B Dr B says:

    Very disappointing book indeed Virtually useless for learning Dutch, as it is really only a glorified phrase book with virtually no grammar Sorry, you can t learn a language without the fundamentals of grammar Since all the other Dummies books I ve seen were so good, I bought this one on reputatation, as it were Mistake

  7. El Magnifico El Magnifico says:

    This series of books are really good I have Spanish for Dummies and the Italian one too, though after my customary Springtime trip to Holland I was determined to get at least a few words to be polite in this wonderful country Once you start to understand the pronunciation and all for Dummies books have the phonetic after each phrase or word then it is amazing how much you realise you know already Also has some nice cultural hints and tips.

  8. G G says:

    Present for somebody.

  9. Jennifer K. Jennifer K. says:

    I bought this as a gift for someone who grew up speaking some Dutch but hadn t learned a lot or kept up with it.This book was at the time 2008 the only Dutch language for beginnners book I could find, and I wasn t sure what it would be like, but the recipient of this gift was thrilled with it and soon got back into the groove just in time to go to Holland.The only comments were 1 The book seems to presume you already have a familiarity with Dutch, and2 The book and CD are fast paced, and the speakers on the CD speak fast.If you re already familiar at least somewhat with Dutch or are a fast learner with a good ear, then this seems the ideal learning resource for you.The dictionary may be limited, but it does offer the basics, which is most all you need until you go to Holland and pick up a comprehensive dictionary or get a relative in Holland to send you one.One warning I would offer from personal experience learning just a few basic Dutch words have some throat losenges on hand Dutch is a very throaty language