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One of my favorite reads of 2011 Ich war sowas von berrascht von diesem Roman Das ganze klang f r mich wie der durchschnittliche 0815 Urban Fantasy Liebesdreieck SCHROTT Wenn ich das Buch nicht kostenlos und im Rahmen einer Aktion h tte lesen k nne, h tte ich es wahrscheinlich nie angefasst Aber gl cklicherweise ist es so gekommen, denn das Buch war so gut, dass ich beschlossen habe, auch den zweiten Band lesen zu wollen.Was das Buch eigentlich haupts chlich tr gt, dass ist der Hauptcharakter Mo Sie war sehr nat rlich, vor allem aber willensstark und ich mochte es auch sehr, dass der Roman nicht so vollkommen typisch und vorhersehbar abgelaufen ist Mo war nicht die Erw hlte mit den supertollen Zauberkr ften, die langsam in die Welt der Magie eingef hrt wird um dann von den M chten des B sen gejagt zu werden Nein, sie stolpert da eher rein, so ganz ausversehen Das einzige, was sie will, das ist Rache Sie will eigentlich nichts mit dieser ganzen Sache zu tun haben und erkl rt sich nur deshalb dazu bereit, weil sie glaubt, dass es ihr hilft herauszufinden, wer ihre beste Freundin ermordet hat Dabei verh lt sie sich sowas von sympathisch und jede einzelne ihrer Handlungen ist super nachzuvollziehen Das Liebesdreieck ist lange Zeit nicht einmal ein Liebeszweieck ehmm Liebesstrecke Gleichzeitig hatte ich immer das Gef hl, als empfinde Mo so rein gar nichts f r Luc und das war ziemlich erfrischend Klar, mit der Zeit hat sich das ge ndert, aber mit der sympathischste Satz war noch immer, als sie etwas sagte Okay, so from the blurb it sounds like the book is going to open with some action, right Well it doesn t, because guess what The first half of the blurb happens before the book even starts Yeah, how exciting I don t even care that this wonderful friend is dead, because I never even meet her.This though, is the least of the problems I had with Torn I d like to start with something positive and I m finding it hard That s not to say the book was horrible It wasn t It was just okay I received this from a LibraryThings give away and it s taken me almost a month to read it I finally forced myself to take it to the gym and read on the treadmill, just so I could finally get it out of the way.There were so many things I wanted to like about it, but I just couldn t So, starting there, the first thing was the cover The cover put me off, right away I know I shouldn t judge the book by the cover, and in this case I truly didn t I hate the cover The girl looks boring, and pasty, and I hate the weird part in her bangs And what was up with the cloth wrapped around her head The blurb is what made me want to read this book, and I hope that the next book in the series has a better cover Two guys Two worlds Two destinies One Choice.Yikes I know right The love triangle alarm is blaring in my ears I should ve really ran for the hills Let me be honest and say I didn t see that blurb when I started reading Otherwise, Torn would ve been thrown in a pile of maybe never I have an aversion to love triangle but for once, this book actually handled it in a way that didn t incite some self inflicted eyes gouging This book was quite a pleasant surprise In a way, it was reminiscent of Holly Black s Curse Workersseries Mafia and magic seems like an odd combination but they somehow worked Maura Fitzgerald just witnessed the horrifying murder of her best friend, Verity She tried to convince herself that it was only a case of being in the wrong place and at the wrong time But deep inside, she knew that there was no such thing for someone like her After all, her family s ties to the mob was as notorious as her father s reputation as a money laundering felon They have enemies seen and now, seemingly unseen She made a promise to avenge Zwei M Nner Zwei Welten Eine Entscheidung.Mo Fitzgerald Wollte Nur Ein Normales Leben F Hren Aber Als Ihre Beste Freundin Ermordet Und Sie Selbst Von Mysteri Sen Schatten Gejagt Wird, Ist Nichts Mehr, Wie Es War Mo Lernt Eine Welt Kennen, An Deren Existenz Sie Nie Glaubte Pl Tzlich Befindet Sich Die Junge Frau Mitten In Einem Krieg Geheimnisvoller Magischer Kr Fte Jetzt Muss Sie Sich Entscheiden Zwischen Zwei Welten, Zwei Schicksalen Und Zwei Ebenso Faszinierenden Wie Gef Hrlichen M Nnern Bersinnliche Romantik F R Eine Neue Generation. I have heard some people say that the cover didn t really pull them in For me the cover had absolutely nothing to do with me picking up this book I have an advanced review copy It is green and simply says Torn on the cover I grabbed this book simply because the title caught my attention Simple yet powerful, I was curious to see what this book was really about From the very first few pages I was hooked Mo s loss and quest for revenge paired with her growing and often confusing feelings about two very different men in her life, make readers fall in love with her With every page I found myself becoming and wrapped up in her and in this intriguing and original story I also found myself conflicted, along with Mo, over which guy was really right for her First there is Luc, who knew her friend Verity and is directly connected to all the magic that has now taken over Mo s life Mo is sure that he had a thing for Verity and is constantly overwhelmed with doubts Does he really want her or is she merely a substitute for the girl he can no longer have Then we have Colin, who has been hired to protect her but who is slowly letting his guard down From the beginning I knew that something would ha Who doesn t love a character torn between two dangerous worlds and two risky guys The only thing safe about this book is how good it is.I can t decide who I think Mo should end up with Probably Colin, but Luc may win me over Two of my favorite romantic love interests this year Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyMurder, magic, and the Mob That s TORN in a nutshell Well if you add in one of the better love triangle I ve read this year with two very different, but equally appealing guys, and a hidden magical world that lies at the brink of destruction.I have no comment on the cover, but the title of TORN is perfect Maura Mo Fitzgerald is torn Torn between her incarcerated father and the uncle who stepped in to take care of her and her mother Torn between the life she led in the shadow of her vibrant and beautiful best friend and the future she must embrace in the wake of her friends murder Torn between a new world of magic and the mundane world she s always known Torn between the human guy assigned to protect her and the magical guy who needs her to save his people.As much as I liked the romances and the choices Mo had to make, I did have a couple issues The first half of TORN reads like a contemporary YA with only the barest hint of anything paranormal going on I wish the author had speed up the narrative and kicked in the paranormal elements much earlier as the excitement, danger, and romance really took off once they came in Ich finde, Die Erw hlte h tte auch nach diesem Buch enden k nnen Es ist ein abgeschlossenes Ende und ich wei auch nicht, was in den n chsten beiden B chern passieren soll Aber ich lass mich berraschen.Der Anfang beginnt sehr schleppend, die Geschichte baut sich langsam auf und dann passiert pl tzlich so viel auf einmal, dass man gar nicht aufh ren kann zu lesen Die Beschreibungen rund um die Magie usw fand ich ab und zu ein wenig schwammig Mo ist eine sympatische Hauptfigur, die eigentlich als sch chtern beschrieben wird, aber meiner Meinung nach ist sie wirklich mutig, auc The first start to finish fabulous book I have read this year every moment rang true Delicious heros, chilling villains, and a main character who is relatable, loveable, and admirable This book is beautifully written and action packed