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This review is for the Second Edition of the Alternate Edition I am unfamiliar with the earlier or other editions I have, however, been told by others that items with the title Nuevos Destinos or Destinos Handbook should not be purchased since they are not the right materials.The textbook cover all 52 episodes with 52 chapters I ve only completed 12 chapters episodes You read and do the exercises in the before viewing section of each chapter After viewing the video episode, you return to the textbook and complete the exercises The answers to the exercises are in the back of the textbook The textbook is very well laid out and easy to follow It is also very instructive.This textbook was designed for the student who is doing distance learning AND with classroom instructions Each chapter has exercises that you are to practice with your fellow students If you are doing strictly distance learning or independent studies, I ve been told that the 1st edition textbook of Destinos will work for you, but the earlier edition does NOT have the audio CDs You can, however, still use this textbook if you re doing independent studies.If you buy this textbook used, be sure that you get the 7 audio CDs that accompany the textbook I ve seen this textbook being sold on eBay without the 7 audio CDs, but sold separately This is not right You need the 7 audio CDs to complete the exercises in the textbook You should not have to pay extra for the 7 audio CDs.In addition to this textbook, there are Workbook Study Guides Volume I and II I have Workbook Study Guide Vol I which covers episode 1 26 be sure that its ISBN 0 07 249711 4 since there are other similar Workbook Study Guides out there For Workbook Study Guide Vol I, there s also audio CDs or audiocassettes that accompany it The audio CDs for the Workbook Study Guide are different than the 7 audio CDs for the textbook You do have to buy the Workbook Study Guide AND the audio CDs or audiocassettes separately or the Workbook Study Guide will be useless.If you can afford it, I highly recommend getting the Destinos series on DVD On DVD, you have the option of Spanish subtitles which makes it easier to understand I view each episode twice once with the subtitle and once without it.Unless you have a good aptitude for foreign languages, I do NOT recommend Destinos for those who are self studying without any background in Spanish Destinos isn t the silver bullet to mastering Spanish, but it does help in the listening and comprehension aspect of the learning process.One final thing don t get frustrated with Destinos Oftentimes, I view the episode, do the textbook and the Workbook Study Guide and I find myself doubting my learning ability I feel as if I can t learn anything I would get so frustrated that I would linger for a long time on a particular chapter or episode I ve learned to accept that I won t know or learn everything covered on each chapter episode Instead I move on Eventually, those things that I haven t learned in that chapter or episode will be covered again and again later on. I have enjoyed learning Spanish with the Destinos program The soap opera format makes it much engaging and natural I was surprised to find, however, that the grammatical instruction is presented in the workbook than in the textbook, which is the opposite of programs I ve used before Usually the lessons are presented in the text book and the workbook is for practice exercises Despite that little quirk, I definitely recommend the Destinos series for anyone who wants to learn Spanish. THIS TEXTBOOK is the first component needed for the DESTINOS Program, 2nd edition 2001 2002 The accompanying 7 CDs are for TEXTBOOK COMPREHENSION only They are NOT for use with the Student Workbook Study Guides.THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS ARE NECESSARY TO SUPPORT THE 2ND EDITION 2002 DESTINOS PROGRAM DVDs.The 52 episodes are available for FREE online, in the interest of public education Just do a search for Destinos video on demand.You can borrow the DVDs from your library, watch the scheduled episodes on PBS channels, or they are available for purchase at community colleges and elsewhere.WORKBOOK STUDY GUIDE Volume 1 2002 ISBN 0072497114.Covers Lessons 1 26 Disposable One is needed for each student.WORKBOOK STUDY GUIDE Volume 2 2002 ISBN 0072497122Covers Lessons 27 52 Disposable One is needed for each student.STUDENT AUDIO CD Program Part 1 2002 ISBN 0072504382These CDs are used with the Workbook exercises for Lessons 1 26 One set of these CDs is necessary for use with the Workbook Study Guide Volume 1.STUDENT AUDIO CD Program Part 2 2002 ISBN 0072504390These CDs are used with the Workbook exercises for Lessons 27 52 One set of these CDs is necessary for use with the Workbook Study Guide Volume 2.IF YOU CHOOSE, YOU MAY USE THE FOLLOWING AUDIOCASSETTES INSTEAD OF THE AUDIO CDS STUDENT AUDIOCASSETTE Program for Part 1 2002 ISBN 0072504404These audiocassettes accompany Workbook Study Guide Volume 1 exercises for lessons 1 26.STUDENT AUDIOCASSETTE Program for Part 2 2002 ISBN 0072504412These audiocassettes accompany Workbook Study Guide Volume 2 exercises for Lessons 27 52THESE ARE ADDITIONAL ENHANCEMENTS FOR THE DESTINOS 2ND EDITION PROGRAM CD ROMS COMPUTER DISCS these are NOT audio CDs Please note that the following two interactive COMPUTER CD ROMs have small imbedded text that cannot be enlarged for laptop viewing and use In my opinion, they need a complete revamping to make them a worthwhile purchase Student CD ROM Program Part 1 One Disc 2002 ISBN 0072525371 Student CD ROM Program Part 2 One Disc 2002 ISBN 0072857870ORIGINAL MUSIC CD FROM THE DESTINOS PROGRAM 1999 ISBN 0072346493I have been told that the audio music CD is for use with both Destinos and the advanced Nuevos Destinos programs.THERE ARE TWO ADDITIONAL STUDENT HANDBOOKS AVAILABLE which are designed FOR INSTRUCTORS using the DESTINOS DVD Video programs as an enhancement to their regular classroom Spanish study programs and texts They are Student Viewers Handbook 1 3rd Edition 2002 ISBN 0072497092 Student Viewers Handbook 2 3rd Edition 2002 ISBN 0072497106THERE IS ALSO AN EXCELLENT FACULTY GUIDE AVAILABLEThe 348 page paperback Faculty Guide covers all 52 lessons it s printed on acid free paper It contains suggested lesson planning, episode summaries and additional testing materials It is well worth the purchase for any home education program or self study program.FACULTY GUIDE 1st edition 1992 ISBN 007002071X is available through Marketplace Sellers.FACULTY GUIDE 2nd Edition 2002 ISBN 10 0072501405 or ISBN 13 978 0072501407 is available through Marketplace Sellers. Excellent method This series and all the materials are really unsurpassed I watched the series right thru a couple times as it was quite entertaining and all of the materials Book, both workbooks and accompanying workbooks were without a doubt effective I am not sure what else could be expected of an educational resource. This video based text for Beginning Spanish underscores McGraw Hill s reputation for developing groundbreaking language materials Based onhours of an engaging video drama that takes viewers around the Spanish speaking world, Destinos is an effective program that can be used successfully in Spanish classes, as a college course for distant learners, and by individuals studying on their own I had to order this book for my Spanish class, the book was great but the class sucked because it was online and I failed it, so if anyone need this book and the cd s let me know Exactly as described Great value The book did not come with the CD s as it said they would Sucks. This is my favorite Spanish Lessons Book arrived with no listening comprehension CD Order was incomplete.